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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in Ohio

by Kelly B.

Firearm License, Ohio Firearm License

How to Get a Firearm License in the State of Ohio

The gun laws in Ohio allows citizens of the state who are 21 years and older to obtain a concealed firearms permit. Other requirement states that they must complete 10 hours of firearms training by the National Rifle Association (NRA) certified instructors, who provide instruction about guns, safety, storage, and handling and provide two hours of range or live-fire training.

People who are not residents of Ohio can obtain a concealed carry license if they work in Ohio and they are also allowed to carry a firearm on an out-of-state permit that is valid. Exceptions are made for citizens who are military personnel, posted in Ohio. The state permits its citizens to carry firearms openly, but they are not allowed to carry firearms in vehicles.

Other requirements to acquire a permit to purchase firearms include

1. You should not have your guns seized in another state
You must not have a concealed carry license issued by another state suspended in the past.

2. You should not be a committed for violation or charged as a delinquent child
You should not be convicted of, pleaded guilty to, or committed as a delinquent child for committing an offense or a similar violation in another state.

Firearm License
3. You should not be indicted, convicted or charged of any felony
You also must not be under indictment, accused of, charged with, or convicted of any offense that involves trafficking of drugs, a misdemeanor offense of violence, or negligent assault.

4. You should not have a background of drug and alcohol abuse
Besides, you must not be convicted, pleaded guilty, or been committed as a delinquent who is connected to a crime that involves the illegal use, sale, possession, administration, distribution, or trafficking of drug abuse.

5. You cannot have been convicted or pleaded guilty
You not be convicted, pleaded guilty, or been adjudicated as delinquent in connection with a misdemeanor offense of violence, within three years of your application.

6. You should not have charges against you against falsifying documents
You may not be able to receive a license if you have been charged with falsification of a concealed handgun license.

Ohio Firearm License

Steps to ensure that you get a permit for a firearms license

If you fit the requirements, you can do the following-

1. Find a gun or firearms dealer in Ohio
You can purchase guns from a private dealer or firearms sellers with federal licenses, in the state of Ohia. Handgun and firearms dealers can be found easily if you type and do an Internet search or just by browsing through your local Ohio phone directory.

2. Go and check out the gun dealership to buy a firearm
All you need to do is bring a form that includes a photo identification that displays your name and age, like your driver's license. The dealer will have to verify your age and identity when you buy the gun.

3. A federally licensed gun dealership will do a background check
If you visit a gun dealership that is federally licensed, you will be subject to a background check, but, if you buy a gun from a private seller or unlicensed dealership, the dealer is not required to perform a background check.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation will perform a background check if a background check is required. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) database will be used to determine whether or not you meet the lawful criteria.

4. You can take your gun home the day you purchase it
No mandatory waiting period in Ohio requires you to come back on a later date to receive your gun from the dealership.

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