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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in Rhode Island

by Garry S.

Firearm License Rhode Island State, Rhode Island State Firearms License

How to Get a Rhode Island Gun License

Gun ownership is allowed in Rhode Island as stipulated in the US constitution in the second amendment. However, there are certain steps to be taken for becoming a proud gun owner.

To buy a handgun, one must be 21 years or older. You will be then asked for a state ID. Followed by which you will have to fill in the Pistol or Revolver Application Form.

There are two other things, either of which you will need to proceed with your application. They are a Blue Card or a Hunter’s Education Course Card.

What is a Blue Card?

It is also called the safety card. To secure that you should,

  • Complete the hunter safety course;
  • Complete a pistol safety course taught by the Department of Environmental Management and pass the DEM test on handgun safety; or
  • Pass the DEM handgun safety test.

Hunter Education Course Card

You have to complete the course on hunter education. This course is also offered by certain online sites. Generally, the course duration is of 10 hours.

Firearm License Rhode Island State

Buying a gun in Rhode Island

After you get yourself a suitable gun, you will be required to fill in the application for a permit. Fill in the details like your personal information.

What happens after you send the Rhode Island gun license application?

After completing the Purchase of a Pistol or Revolver Application Form, the Attorney General and state superintendent or local chief of police will run a background check to see if you meet the requirements. You can pick up the gun only after seven days of sending out the application.

There are certain disqualifications which will prevent you from owning the gun. Such conditions are the following

  • The applicant has been convicted of a crime of violence
  • The applicant is a fugitive from justice
  • The applicant is an illegal immigrant
  • The applicant is under guardianship, treatment, or confinement due to mental incompetency
  • The applicant is a known or habitual drug addict or a drunkard but if the applicant can provide an affidavit from a competent medical authority (i.e., doctor) showing to have been cured for at least five years only then be allowed to own firearms
  • The applicant cannot give up on U.S. citizenship

Buying long guns involve the same process except the applicant do not need the safety card. Rhode Island requires the same procedure to be followed irrespective of the place you buy your gun from.

Rhode Island State Firearms License

It is to be noted that

The permit you apply for, as according to the law will be adjudicated as "shall issue" by local authorities and "may issue" by the Attorney General. Grounds for applying the permit will also be required. The sufficiently satisfactory answer will grant you the permit. Three typed and notarized references are also required.

The guns can be carried to:

  • Roadside
  • In vehicles
  • Most places with a few exceptions

When and where not to carry guns

If under the influence of alcohol, the firearms are not to be carried by the individual. It also must not be carried near places where it can be dangerous to possess a firearm.

For non-residents

Non-residents may carry a handgun while passing through Rhode Island but without stopping in their vehicle. They should, however, have a permit form their state.

Rhode Island has a combination of shall issue and may issue. The local chief of police has a lot of authority to issue a license, however, receiving the license from the office of the Attorney General's office is more complicated. Demonstrating sufficient requirement to possess the firearm is deemed crucial. Rhode Island believes in safe usage of guns.


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