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A Guide for Getting a Firearm License in Texas

by Toni S.

Firearm License Texas State, Texas State Firearms License

How to Get a Firearm License in Texas

Texas is one of the largest states in the country. It is surrounded by Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and four Mexican states. Major cities in the state include its capital Austin (which happens to be the second most populous state capital in the country), Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso. Nicknamed the Lone Star, Texas was once an independent republic. The state is known for its diverse landscapes which include swamps, plains, hills, and mountains. Over the years, Texas has emerged as a major contributor to the U.S. economy.

Texas state overview  

Texas' homeownership rate of around 61 percent is lower than the national average. The state's mean household income too is lower than the national average. Most families in the state have a household income in the range of $75,000-$100,000. A substantial percentage of families owning properties in the state have a property value in the range of $200,000-$250,000.

The most popular employers in the state are restaurants & food services, elementary & secondary schools, and construction. The highest paying jobs in the state are held by podiatrists, physicians & surgeons, and chief executives & legislatures. The best paymasters in the state are software publishing, oil & gas extraction, and securities, commodities, funds, trusts & other instruments. Compared to several other U.S. states, Texas has a higher number of professionals working in specialized industries such as mining safety, petroleum, mining & geological engineering, and oil, gas & mining.

Firearm License Texas State

The average commute time for professionals living in the state is around 25 minutes. On average, families in the state have two cars. Most professionals prefer using their cars to commute to work. A number of highways crisscross Texas, connecting it to the rest of the country. Major cities including Dallas and Houston are served by light rail systems. Texas has more than 1,000 ports and 700-plus airports.

The state’s student population is skewed towards females. The major universities in the state are Texas A&M University-College Station, The University of Texas at Austin, and The University of Texas at Arlington. The most in-demand majors among grad students in the state are general psychology, registered nursing, and other multidisciplinary studies. Most students in the state choose public 4-year or above institutions to graduate. Compared to many other U.S. states, Texas has a higher proportion of students opting for a bachelor’s degree in farm supplies retail and wholesaling.

Almost 89 percent of Texans are U.S. citizens. The local population primarily comprises of Hispanics, whites, and blacks. Some non-English languages spoken in the state are Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish.

Texas State Firearms License

Gun laws in Texas

In order to be eligible to buy a gun in Texas a person must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age (21 years for the handgun).
  • Not have been convicted of a felony.
  • Not have been indicted for an offense that can land them in jail for more than a year.
  • Not have been deemed mentally unfit by the state.

A convicted felon can buy a gun five years after they have been served their sentence.

Once the person has met all the eligibility criteria they need to:

  • Register for a License to Carry Handgun.
  • Apply online to Texas Department of Public Safety.
  • Submit fingerprints
  • Submit relevant documents to Texas DPS.

Foreign-born citizens must submit a copy of their passport or certificate of birth. Members of the Armed Forces would be required to submit a copy of their current active duty orders, or a recommendation letter from their commanding officer, or a copy of their current earnings statement. Non-Texans need to submit a copy of their valid identification card(can be their driver’s license)issued by the relevant authority in their state.


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