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How to Leave a Positive First Impression

by Bob V.

How to Leave a Good First Impression, First Impression

How To Leave A Good First Impression – Tips

Are you aware that it talks only one-tenth of a second to form the first impression on something or someone? To put it simply, if you are meeting a person for the first time, there is a need to be alert from the beginning. It includes various aspects starting from the way you speak, the words you use, to your body language.

Irrespective of whether you are meeting your team members, new connections, potential customers or employers, here are some easy tips to ensure that you leave a good first impression on them:

1. Maintain proper eye contact

You need to concentrate on the people or person you are interacting with. After all, it is not easy to be familiar with a person when you look down. Hence make a conscious effort to maintain eye contact with the person (s) you speak to.

2. Dress appropriately

Irrespective of whether you care for style or fashion, the way you dress up, definitely matters a lot. You should not only appear neat and clean. It is also crucial to match the formality level of the business contact or a person you would be meeting – whether it is highly casual, formal, or even something in between both. After all, you represent your brand, especially when you are an entrepreneur. Thus, you need to ensure that your appearance reflects your best self.

In case you intend to show off your looks, you can include an accessory, which would be regarded as a memorable item. It could be perhaps any item from a distinct piece of ornament to a pair of unique socks or a fancy tie.

first impression tips

3. Select your words well

Did you know that words are more important than you perceived them to be so? When persuasive and positive phrases and words are used, they can open doors while making the other person or people feel relaxed in your presence, eventually making them more than willing to work with you. When you use positive language, the mood of your audience can be uplifted by just being simple and clear. It is an extremely valuable point especially when you are trying to make your first impression during a job interview. After all, your potential employer should find you capable, flexible, and positive. So you need to use language, which reflects agency and optimism rather than negativity.

4. Be cautious your body posture and body language

Did you know that effective body language is not only about engaging in a firm handshake or standing up straight? While there is no doubt that even these gestures have their own importance, you need to have an open body posture when meeting a person for the first time. Avoid crossing your legs or arms tightly while speaking to someone. Lean slightly forward while speaking to demonstrate that you are really engaged in the talk and listening actively. Such nonverbal cues can actually create a powerful impact albeit subconscious. It is a wise decision to avoid touching your face or tapping too frequently, blinking excessively, standing or sitting excessively close to others, or placing an object right in front of yourself while speaking. There some body language poor postures that can hint dishonesty. These include touching your mouth and avoiding eye contact among others.

5. Be familiar with the audience

You need to do your homework, particularly when it is a planned meeting. You should know enough about the business or the person you would be meeting. You can Google to know more about the person you would be meeting with, their history, about the co-founders/founders of the company, their primary products, their competition, as well as, any other pertinent details prior to entering the room.

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