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2018 Free Apps for iPhone

by Billy T. K.

Free Apps for iPhone, Free Music Apps for iPhone

Best Free iPhone Apps Of 2018

Congratulations on your new iPhone. As with any other hone, you need to set up your phone and also look up what apps you might want to have on your phone. You have just glimpsed the sheer quantum of apps available on the Apple’s store and you are confused as to what to download and what to not. Below, we have compiled a list of the best free iPhone apps of 2018. Browse through, and you may find that you love one or all of them!

  • Enlight Pixaloop

For those of you who love playing around with your photos, this app lets you animate your photos. You have to manually draw the arrows that define the direction you want the animation in and also set anchors so that the other parts of your photo stay in place. Once done, you can play the same, and you get a result similar to a cinema graph – based on one single still photo.

Free Apps for iPhone

  • Sworkit 

For the fitness freaks, this app can act as your free personal trainer for more or less any type of workout. You can select whether you want to get fitter, stronger or leaner and then set your fitness level to find a course or program that suits you. Once you choose a program, you can customize the timing and intervals before actually looking at the video.

  • Paper

Paper is one of the best sketching tools out there if you want to jot down your ideas on the go. Your doodles and drawings will get stored in a small digital notebook. You can open this notebook whenever you want and flip through your doodles. You can tap on a page and scribble with a finger or stylus. The app also gives you multiple brushes to choose from. You also have multiple other small features like adding text notes to your pages etc.

  • Edison Mail

This is a smart app for managing your email. It comes with a built-in assistant to aid you in managing your email easily while on the go. The app allows you to set custom swipes for all those functions that you would use the most. You can set up notifications as per your wish and also undo “send” with one tap. It is compatible with most email providers and any IMAP email account.

Free Music Apps for iPhone

  • Bear

Bear is a simple note-taking app that is super powerful.  It is awesome, and it allows you to do multiple things like taking down notes, making sketches and doodles, penning down long essays, making notes that are image-based and more. Bear lets you organize your notes and makes searching for anything particular really easy. You also have options to link your notes together, export them in different formats, etc.

  • Moment

The Moment app is a must for all those who feel they are spending too much time on their iPhone and need to put the phone down for a while. This app gives you insights into how much time you spend on your screen and what you do in that time. It usually runs in the background and tracks your screen time as and when you use your phone. It gives you regular statistics – daily, weekly, etc. regarding the same. You can customize the app settings to set a daily limit, reminders, hours when you want it to track the screen usage, etc. You can link the app with other family members so that you can see their screen time data as well.

There are multiple other such free apps in Apple’s store which you can take advantage of. Just do some research, read a few reviews and get going!


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