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Georgia Voting Registration Information and Registration Process

by Rick S.

Register to Vote Georgia, Georgia Register to Vote

How to Register to Vote in Georgia?

Residents can only cast their votes once they are registered in Georgia. After registering to vote, the state allows them to cast their ballot on Election Day in several ways.

Georgia-eligibility to register to vote

  • Has to be an American citizen
  • Must be at least 18-year-old to vote and 17.5 years to register
  • Has to be the county’s legal resident
  • Should not be serving a conviction sentence for a felony about moral deprivation
  • A judge should not find him/her mentally incompetent

Georgia-steps to register to vote

  • An eligible individual should find out the status of his/her online registration at
  • In case, he/she is not registered online; they can register online for voting provided they hold a valid identification card or driver's license in Georgia at
  • Take a printout of their application for voter registration and mail it when they don’t have a valid ID proof or a driver’s license. A printout of the paper application can be procured from the website of the Georgia Secretary of State Office at One can also avail registration forms at county elections offices, post offices, and libraries.
Register to Vote Georgia

The downloadable voter registration form in Georgia is in the format of Adobe Acrobat PDF. The relevant information should be filled in the boxes, printed, and then mailed.

It should also be remembered that registration for voting is a county function. Counties in Georgia give away precinct card after they review and process registration applications. Applicants should be given a breathing period of 3-4 weeks before contacting their county. Citizens of Georgia have access to many convenient ways to register for voting.

 Download the registration application form fill it up and mail the same

 Alternatively, one can visit the registrar’s office in their local county board or schools, recruitment office, public assistance office, public library, other government offices, schools, and recruitment office submitting the registration form

Students studying in colleges can get the necessary registration forms for registering in any American state or voter registration forms for Georgia from the registrar’s office of their school or form the Vice President of Academic Affairs’ office.

An eligible resident is offered the registration when they apply for or renew their driver’s license at the Department of Driver Services.

Georgia Register to Vote
Georgia-change of residence

 Any voter in the state must inform the county where they reside to the board of registrars whenever they relocate. When a person is transferring within the same prefecture where they have registered for voting but does not intimate the registrar at least thirty-days before Election Day, they have to go their old polling site for that particular election. A voter should also file a notice related to his/her new address. It can be done by sending a written intimation to their office of the board of registrars or by making a new application for voter registration.

However, when a person moves out of the county where he/she is registered to vote before more than 30 days of an election, they have lost their right to vote in their old county where they had their earlier residence. As such, they need to register for voting in their original county of residence. The concerned person is then assigned a new polling location and voting precinct. It is important to note that when a person fails to register within the stipulated deadline, he/she will not be allowed to cast a ballot in that election.

Georgia-precinct cards

In case a person has not received or misplaced their precinct card within three-four weeks of submitting their application for voter registration, they need to contact the registration office of their local county to check their application status or get a fresh precinct card.


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