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Google Calculator Revealed: How Does it Work?

by Keren P.

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How to use Google’s hidden calculator?

Did you know Google had a calculator? Yes, we are talking about the Google search engine! This is an interesting feature which not many people know about. Google search engine has a calculator option. How many times would it have happened that when you were browsing the internet, you wanted a calculator for some calculations? You would have spent time opening the calculator app on your mobile or computer or searching for a real calculator. That would not have been necessary had you known about the google calculator hidden facility.

While browsing, when you want to make any calculations, all you have to do is type the formula in the search box on Google. For instance, if you wanted to subtract 32450 from 60000, all you have to do is open and type 60000 – 32450 in the search box. A hidden calculator pops up with the answer 27550. You have unlocked the hidden calculator on Google just by typing a formula.

The Google calculator that pops up is a full-fledged calculator with all options. All the features of an advanced calculator can be seen. You can add, subtract, multiply, divide and also do advanced calculations like finding logarithms, and exponential functions. This is an excellent feature provided by Google that helps you to do calculations instantly, without running around trying to find a calculator. This is a hidden feature not many people knew about. You can even type ‘calculator’ in the search engine text box to open the calculator.

Google Calculator
However, you do not need to open the calculator app, just type the formula, and you will get the answer instantly. So, how do you type different formulae in the search box?

Basic math

You can make use of the symbol ‘+’ to add numbers; ‘-‘ to subtract; ‘x’ or ‘*’ to multiply and ‘/’ to divide a set of numbers.

The ‘^’ is an exponential symbol. 2 ^ three will give you 2 to the power of 3. sqrt helps you to find the square root of a number. Sqrt 16 will give you the square root of 16, which is 4. ‘% help you find the percentage, as in 25 % of 200. The ‘%’ symbol by itself is used to find modulus, i.e.: remainder after division as in 30 % 4.


Advanced operations

‘th root of’ helps you to find the nth root of any number, as in the 4th root of 16. You can find the logarithm of a number also using the calculator. ‘log’ gives you the logarithm to base 10.  ‘lg’ gives logarithm base 2 and ‘ln’ gives the logarithm base e.

You can find the factorial of a number by using the ‘!’ Symbol. You can use brackets for complex operations. All you have to do is type out the formulae, and the answer is displayed instantly in the calculator.

What is Google Calculator
Other uses of the calculator

You can use the calculator for trigonometric functions. For instance, ‘sin 120’ will help you to find the sine value of 120 degrees. An interesting function is ‘choose,’ it tells you the possible groups in a set, as in ‘30 choose 5’, tells you some possible choice of 5 items in a group of 30.


You can even convert units of measurement using Google. ‘32 degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit’ will convert 32 degrees from Celsius to Fahrenheit. This is a converter app and can be used to convert values from one measurement unit to another.

Incidentally, you do not need to type the number in numerals, you can type it in words also, as in ‘five plus six’ or ‘five + six’; you can still get the answer.

A calculator is a hidden option that you can use to perform some operations, just like a real calculator. So, don’t waste time searching for a calculator. Use the Google search box instead.


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