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18 Craziest Laws in Hawaii

by Roni G.

Craziest Laws in Hawaii, Craziest Hawaii Laws

Hawaii Weird Laws

Anyone who has ever traveled to Hawaii can tell you that the state's unique culture and breathtaking views are unforgettable. Those same people will also tell you that they can across some pretty weird Hawaii laws that are not soon forgotten. If you are planning a trip to the scenic state, you should know some of its laws, and be careful not to break any of them.

Weird Laws in Hawaii

Billboards are illegal in Hawaii

We wonder how advertisers catch people's attention if they can't do it with billboards… in any case, these huge signs became illegal in Hawaii in the 1920s, so you won’t be bothered by them when visiting the islands of Hawaii.

It is illegal to sink the islands

This law dates back to 1418, and we aren't sure who would try to sink islands. If you have to plan to take over Hawaii by sinking its islands, you will get in trouble, so you better come up with something else.

Twins cannot work for the same company

If you have a twin with who you are very close, you better not live in Hawaii. If you ever want to work together, you won't be able to do it.

Craziest Laws in Hawaii

It is illegal to put coins in people's ears

Oh man, we love the pull-out-a-coin-from-the-ear-trick! Guess we have to pass on this trick in Hawaii because putting coins in people's ears is illegal there.

You cannot annoy the birds in Hawaii

Good for the legislators in Hawaii for this one! they made it illegal to bother birds in state parks.

It is illegal to eat one's second wife

This law applies to the Orakama tribe; if a man from the tribe remarries, he cannot consume his second wife. We wonder if the same law applies to first wives as well.

You cannot get tattoos on your eyelids or behind your ears

If you want to get a unique tattoo in Hawaii behind your ears or on your eyelids, better make sure a doctor is present during the process. Otherwise, you are breaking the law.

Structures cannot be taller than palm trees

Gotta say, this is a pretty clever way to prevent skyscrapers from blocking views; on the island of Kauai, buildings and other structures cannot surpass the height of palm trees.

Craziest Hawaii Laws

It is illegal not to own a boat

The boat business in Hawaii is probably booming thanks to this one. Residents of the islands can actually be fined if they do now own a boat!

It is illegal to display captive whales and dolphins

Residents in Hawaii have much respect for animals, which is why captive displaying captive whales and dolphins is against the law.

Shooting galleries cannot offer liquor as a prize

Well, firearms and alcohol should never really go together, even if in it's a gallery, so this one is logical.

You cannot have more than one alcoholic drink at a time

If you like your hooch, better slow your horses when you are in Hawaii. To get another drink, you need to finish the one you have.

It is illegal to own more than 15 dogs and cats at a time

For those of you thinking about getting a 16th cat or dog – better think again. You will be breaking the law in Hawaii if you have more than 15 of these four-legged friends.

You cannot use explosives, poison, or electric currents while fishing

Using these methods to catch fish is not only unpleasant, but it is also illegal in the Hawaii islands.

It is illegal to own a shark fin

Those who choose to purchase a shark fin in Hawaii, run the risk of going to jail for one whole year!

Crazy Laws

You cannot walk around in swim trunks

If you happen to go to Waikiki and you feel like walking around in just your swim trunks- don't. It is illegal.

It is illegal to own a mongoose

We are not sure just how good of a pet a mongoose is, but in either case, those who want to own a mongoose in Hawaii can only do so if they have a permit.

Police officers cannot have sex with prostitutes

This is a relatively new law in Hawaii, legislated in 2014. According to this one, police officers cannot have sexual relations with prostitutes during an investigation.

So, we guess you learned quite a few things about Hawaii and the state's somewhat strange laws. All in all, many of the weird laws in Hawaii make sense and those that don't are pretty funny.

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