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HireRight Background Check Review!

by Robert C.

Hireright Background Check Review

HireRight: How it Works?

Employers all over the country perform background checks on applicants to find out more about their past and determine which applicants are the most suitable for a position. In fact, more than 90% of employers in the United States perform background checks via companies that perform such checks professionally.

HireRight is one of these companies, and it provides employers with data about applicants. The HireRight background check service can come in handy when hiring new employees, and this is what the company can offer employers in the United States.

HireRight background check

What is the HireRight Background Check Report?

An employee background check is intended to investigate applicants' past based on the criteria the hiring employer decides on. The employment background check includes several checks that HireRight can check, with each check revealing different types of information:

  • Criminal background checks – a check that determines whether an applicant has a criminal record that helps determine the applicant's risk factor. The HireRight background check that includes a criminal records check allows employers to identify risky hires, help safeguard the organization’s reputation, build trust among current employees, and protect organizations' assets.
  • Identity Checks – checks that provide accurate information about applicants, and helps employers discover if applicants were honest about their personal data, like their name, contact information, age, and so on.
  • Verifications – a check that allows employers to find out if applicants were honest about their qualifications. The HireRight verification check allows employers to discover if applicants provided accurate information about their education and previous job experience.
  • I-9 & E-Verification – part of the hiring process is making sure all the required paperwork is completed and submitted. With HireRight's electronic Form I-9 solution and E-Verify solution allow employers to make the application submission easier and quicker.
  • Drug & Health Screening – the HireRight drug and health screening allows employers to perform drug and wellness testing to creates a drug-free workplace.
HireRight background check review

How HireRight Performs Background Checks?

Like with other background check companies, HireRight must first get applicants' consent to perform the check. The HireRight background check services were the first online background check services performed online. Meaning, employers can request to perform the background checks online to make things easier. The standard HireRight background check report is ready within 2-4 business days unless there are delays.

The HireRight Background Check Report is
 prepared according to FCRA guidelines, so employers can be certain they get accurate data about applicants. As of today, 40,000 organizations around the world use HireRight's online services. To get the results, employers need to perform a HireRight login and enter the email address of the applicant in question. The results of the background check will then be displayed, so employers can choose the best candidates for job openings.

HireRight Reviews

HireRight Reviews

Here are some of the HireRight reviews provided by users of the service (courtesy of

- Use Cases and Deployment Scope

"My organization, specifically our HR department currently uses HireRight to conduct background checks on job candidates prior to finalizing a final job offer to them.

HireRight allows for the customization in the type of background check that we would like to verify in any individual we are looking to hire.

Pros and Cons


  • Once the candidate’s email is entered online on the HireRight site, an email is automatically delivered to the job candidate asking them to provide their applicable background information so the check can be initated. An email is sent to the company once the results of the check come back.
  • You can login to the website at anytime to see what the status of the background check is.
  • You have the ability to obtain current and past invoices online via the website, making budget tracking that much easier.


  • Nothing to mention as the pr"
HireRight Login

- "HireRight is used in our Human Resources, Recruiting, and Contracts Departments. We use HireRight for background checks and drug screenings. HireRight can be used for background checks, drug screenings, I9 compliance, and more. Having HireRight helps the business by having everything in one place and easily accessible.

Pros and Cons


  • Support: online live chat, email, and phone. This makes it so much easier to get help when you need it in whatever way is most convenient for you.
  • Giving detailed updates on pending checks. When I go look to see why a check is still pending there are notes with dates and times detailing what they are waiting for or what has been done.
  • HireRight is usually pretty quick on the turn around time.


  • An area to put in notes/comments on background checks.
  • More report options.

Use Cases and Deployment Scope

"We use HireRight in our Recruiting Department within Human Resources. Primarily using the CDLIS and DAC to obtain initial information. This is a quick and easy route for preliminary information. Initially, we like to use these items as they come at a very cheap rate! The DAC is very useful when trying to search for information on previous employment without having to send verifications to a company.

Pros and Cons


  • Instant turnaround for DAC employment. - Quick response without contacting employers
  • Live Help - Instant chat function to contact customer service for any question or concern
  • Cost Effective


  • Turnaround time for background screenings can take a few days.
  • A more detailed report for backgrounds would be helpful.
  • Likelihood to Recommend

HireRight is well suited in the transportation industry. They provide a quick, accurate return on the CDLIS report and DAC report. It is very cost-effective for everyone. Their customer service people will answer your question(s) to the best of their ability and will research into things to find the correct response."

To conclude the HireRight reviews, the service is recommended for employers who are hiring new employees. The results of the HireRight background check are accurate and quick, so you can rely on them when hiring employees.


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