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8 Must-Try Holiday Shopping Tips

by Toni S.

Holiday Shopping, Holiday Shopping Tips

Holiday Shopping Tips for Hassle-Free Holidays

The holidays are continuing in full throttle, and with Christmas, new year's, and Valentine's Day just around the corner, many of us have some major gift shopping to do. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, finding the time to do some holiday shopping can be a chore, but the following tips will help you save time, money and give the people in your life the best gifts for every holiday.

1. Plan the gifts you want to buy ahead

One of the best things that you can do to save yourself valuable time is to plan ahead which gifts you will purchase. Make a list with the names of all the people that you want and write down the gifts that you want to purchase next to each name. Keep in mind your budget for the holiday season, consider it when you make the list, and try not to go over budget.

Holiday Shopping

2. Prefer online shopping

The global pandemic has made it difficult to go to public places, especially those that have many visitors. Also, during the holiday season, malls and stores are packed with people, so you may need to wait a long time in lines to get the gifts that you want. To save yourself time, prefer online shopping over mall shopping. With the click of a button, you will be able to purchase all the gifts on your list while keeping yourself safe and healthy.

3. Search for sales

Major websites, like Amazon, and smaller websites have great sales during the holiday season. During December and for the better part of January, you can find sales on practically every item. To get the best deals, perform a market survey on different sites, and fill your basket with sales items. Also, find out if memberships can lower the prices even further. Amazon Prime, for instance, provides its members with great deals on products as well as shipping times and costs, so it can be worth the while to sign up for a membership – especially with a free trial period.

4. Make your orders hit the free shipping threshold

Many online shopping sites offer free shipping when you reach a certain amount in your order. So, when you go on a shopping website, read the shipping policies, and take advantage of free shipping opportunities.

Holiday Shopping Tips

5. Don't forget the online coupons

Aside from free shipping, many online sellers offer special coupons during the holiday season or for certain items. When you do your online holiday shopping, use coupons and lower prices even more. Also, use coupon sites, like Groupon, to see if you can find the gifts on your list for sale prices and take advantage of these sites.

6. Stay safe when shopping

Online shopping has created many scammers that use virtual stores to steal people's money, credit card information, and even their identity. So, when you shop for holiday gifts online, be as careful as possible. Only purchase through secure platforms, purchase goods from reputable vendors and prefer sites where sellers provide contact information. In such sites, you can perform a reverse phone number search, a people search, or an email search to discover whether the seller is a legitimate vendor or perhaps a scammer.

7. Compare prices with your smartphone

A quick, easy and ingenious way to compare prices is to use price check platforms, like the Amazon Price Checker app (available for both iPhones and Android devices). This app allows you to compare the prices of various items by scanning barcodes in stores. If you do not want to go to stores, you can use online price comparison websites, like Google Shopping, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, and others that will provide you with the prices of various products, allowing you to pay less for holiday gifts.


8. Prefer a curbside pickup or store pickup

Aside from a delivery right to your doorstep, you can also choose a curbside or store pickup when online shopping, to save yourself shipping fees. Large retailers, like Walmart, Target, Old Navy, and others give shoppers the chance to choose a curbside and store pickup. So, if you want to get some fresh air, you can have your gifts delivered to a local store or have a curbside delivery service from the store where you purchased the items.

The holidays are a great time to get together with family and friends and create new experiences with the people you love most. The holidays can also be stressful, especially if you like to exchange gifts with the people in your life. Luckily, we live in an age where you can purchase everything you want from the comfort of your home, and save yourself valuable time. By planning ahead and choosing deliveries, your holiday shopping will be easier and you will be able to spend stress-free time with those who are most important to you.


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