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Easily Delete Instagram Account with this Guide!

by Keren P.

Instagram Account, How to Delete Instagram Account

How To Delete An Instagram Account?

Having an online presence is pretty imperative today. One cannot discount the fact that kids, people who are young at heart and super seniors savor the reach that social networking brings to the table. Take Facebook, for instance, connecting with friends long forgotten brings people together. Other social media forums like Twitter enable one to spread messages to larger audiences. Of course, we are talking about written content that is delivered across platforms.

Ball and Chain Effect

Taking pictures and posting them online with detailing also has many a fan following. Instagram is one of the most prominent of social networking services makes it possible to share photos, videos, and messages with friends and family and the public at large. You can choose who can view your visual content. However, there may be a time, when deleting your Instagram account because of the ball and chain effect comes into play. Here are steps to get it right.

  • One imperative to bear in mind - once the account has been deleted, photos and account history along with likes, comments, shares, and friends circle will be erased. The first step is to sign into the account either from your desktop, laptop or mobile browser.
Instagram Account
  • The next step, go to the delete page and click on delete account. Point to note - you cannot delete your account from the Instagram app, so don’t even consider this possibility. To get back, once you choose the option to delete the account, a question pops up - why do you want to delete the account. There are options available for you to choose from.
  • Sometimes we need a social media detox and switch off for a while. Instead of deleting the account, you can deactivate the account for some time. It gives you some latitude and freedom from the obsessive-compulsive need to upload selfies all the time. It gives you some time for you away from the purview of the public. During the deactivation stage, your profile, pictures, videos, likes, and comments are hidden. When the account is reactivated, you can pick up where you left and took it a step at a time. Please note – you cannot deactivate or reactivate on the app, you must use a browser.
  • If you are going the full hog and want to delete the account permanently, follow the steps. Once you have completed the delete process, visit the account to cross check. Also, uninstall the app from your phone. This ensures that you are totally out of the grip of Instagram completely.
How to Delete Instagram Account
  • When you are deleting your Instagram account, you will need to log in and key in your password. This is to ensure that no one else is using your account. Once you key in the password and indicate that you are sure, the account will be deleted.
  • Once you delete your account, you cannot retrieve any information on Instagram ever again. Your photos, videos, shares, and comments are erased. In essence, you have permanently deleted your account.
  • After the process, log in with your user name and password. You will not be able to log in as the account has been erased. You can also look for your name on Instagram which obviously will not be there.
  • Most likely, people in your circle may start scouting around for you, do them a solid, and let them know that you are off Instagram for good.

To Put it in Perspective

Instagram is a great medium to share anything of consequence to a select crowd or larger group of people. However, it is addictive and with trolls calling the shots and their brand of negativity, at times it good to move away from social media, for a while at least.


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