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How People View Your Private Instagram Account

by Toni S.

Instagram, How People View Private Instagram Accounts

How People View Your Private Instagram Account

We all live in an era that social media has become an inseparable part of our lives. Everyone loves to capture beautiful pictures and post it on social media, to engage with followers. Instagram is popular among the famous social network where you can find millions of people active through attractive photography. Apart from your known followers, there are certain strangers who might want to follow you.

In many cases, people choose to control who can see their content. This is done by making their Instagram account private. This privacy policy ensures that only users that they approve will have access to whatever they share. If you follow a private account and have the approval of the account owner, then you should have no issues viewing its content just like a public account.

If you are not an approved follower of a private account, viewing their profile and photos get trickier. If you want to know how people view your private Instagram account, or if you want to view someone’s private account, here is the trick.


  1. Create a fake Instagram account: If you intend to view someone’s private Instagram account, it is better that you create a fake ID. It is of course against ethics and manners, but this is a way. Follow these steps to create a fake account that can be accepted so that you can view private Instagram profiles.
  • In order to view a female private Instagram account, the best way is to create a bogus Instagram account of a girl. Male accounts can be easily viewed as most of them do not keep privacy settings on their accounts. Females are cautious enough to make their accounts private.
  • Upload real pictures of girl’s interest to make the account look real. An attractive girl’s image in the profile and attractive real bio of the profile will create chances of getting approval on request to follow.
  • You can also make your account private so that the other person becomes curious to approve your request.
  • Once you are done with the settings and basic uploads, send a follower request to your special person and wait for their response.
  • If they still don’t approve, send a private message with genuine words just like a female account holder. This may let you view some of the private Instagram accounts.
  1. Try Instagram Profile Viewer tools: The last but a very risky option to view someone’s private Instagram profiles is to try using Instagram profile viewer tools. There are a number of online hacking tools available to view private Instagram accounts easily. But it is highly risky. Most of the websites are a scam and can misuse your personal information. These tools may be used to view the hidden pictures of the restricted accounts. Follow these steps to complete the task, but at your own risk!!
  • Go to online Instagram profile viewer apps.,,

How to See a Private Instagram Account

  • Once you visit the site, you will be asked to input your Instagram username. You can select whether you want to view or download the pictures.
  • This step might ask you for your personal information and is risky. Avoid sharing any data to such sites.
  • After the basic steps, you will be directed to that private account to view or download the content.
  • These specific apps or sites can never be downloaded. You have to go online every time through your preferred browser to view those pictures on Instagram.

Instead of following the above risky methods, it is better that you directly approach the user and request them for approval. Just make friends on Instagram instead of all these troubles.

If you syspect someone is veiwing you private Instagram account, run a reverse email search to see who they are!


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