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How To Be a Better Brother

by Billy T.K.

How To Be a Better Brother, Better Brothers

How To Be a Better Brother

The first step to becoming a better brother is to want to be a better brother. In that respect, you are already becoming a better brother by reading this article and others because you are showing an interest in wanting to become a better sibling.

Let us look at a couple of ways you can go about becoming a better brother.

1. Spend some time every day with your brother or sister – Your brother or sister will be with you for the majority of your life. You need to start somewhere if you’re going to build a solid relationship that will last the rest of your lives. It can be as simple as just sitting down with him/her to find out how his/her day has gone. You can even go for walks together, walks are a great way to get to know someone.

How To Be A Better Brother
2. Create memories together by doing things together – Spend time with your brother or sister by doing things that he/she like. By doing this you get a glimpse into his/her world and what’s important to him/her. You will be in a much better position to understand where he/she is coming from if you spend time doing things that he/she likes. Similarly, include him/her in things that are important to you. For example, if you like playing football, ask him/her to come to play with you in your team for a match.

3. Be a role model – Your sibling will often look to you as a role model. Be a great one by taking initiative in doing things. Encourage them to do the chores your parents ask them to do and to try to do things your parents don’t ask them to do. Be the person you’d like your sibling to become.

Better Brothers
4. Forgive and forget – There will be many times where one of you hurts the other either unintentionally or intentionally. Forgive your siblings when they do something that hurts you and also be ready to admit when you were wrong about something. Resolve conflicts maturely but being the bigger person. It’s ok if you let them have the victory over trivial fights if it means the resolution of a conflict. Try being nice to them by offering them that first piece of pie or cake. This will show them that you aren’t a self-centered person.

5. Comfort your siblings when he/she fails – One part of life that everyone goes through is a failure. When your sibling inevitably fails at something, be there for them. Comfort your sibling instead of shaming him/her. You can comfort him/her by telling them to keep their head high and that he/she will have many more opportunities in the future. If this doesn’t work, you can try to distract your sibling by taking him/her to his/her favorite restaurant or by going to his/her favorite spot.

How to Be a Good Brother
6. Give your sibling advice when he/she asks for it – If your sibling doesn’t ask for advice, don’t give him/her advice when he/she doesn’t ask for any. It comes across as pushy and forceful. The only time you should give advice is when your sibling asks for it and after listening to what he/she has to say. It can be tempting to step in if you see your sibling making the same mistakes that you’ve made but you should let him/her make mistakes. Mistakes are one of the best ways of learning and growing as a human being. Consider explaining how you dealt with a situation and what you could have maybe done better if your sibling comes to you asking for advice. It’s better than general or vague advice.


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