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How To Become A Better Father

by Keren P.

How to Be a Good Father, How to Be a Better Father

How To Become A Better Father

Being a father is not easy. Being a good father that your child will look up to? Even more difficult. But don’t lose hope just yet. We share below some tips on how you can get better at being the dad your child deserves –

  • Don’t feel overwhelmed – Yes, fatherhood can seem daunting but you only make things worse for yourself by overthinking it. Relax. Don’t undermine yourself and mentally go through all the ways you can mess up. You won’t start out knowing everything and possibly doing everything right. But you’ll get better with time. So allow yourself this time, sit back and enjoy the firsts of fatherhood without constantly beating yourself up about mistakes you could hypothetically commit.
  • Be a good husband – The secret to being a good father is to be a good husband first. If you respect your child’s mother, you will be teaching him/her to respect her too. It doesn’t matter if you are married or separated, maintain a respectful relationship with each other. It will make your kids feel secure and protected.
  • Try to imbibe a little greatness – Be forgiving and understanding even if your kids are the most unruly brats on earth. Maybe they are just acting out for the need of attention or perhaps, there’s something else bothering them. Try to get to the root of this without being too intrusive. If they’ve committed a wrong, allow them opportunities to repent. Be a good example for them. So they can look up to you and try to imbibe these qualities in themselves. Be mindful that the way you behave in the present is setting the ground for how they will behave as adults in the future.
how to be a good father
  • Adjust into your pre-child lifestyle with your kid in tow – Some parents give up on all the normal things they used to do before they conceived their child in fear that their actions will affect the child negatively somehow. It couldn’t be further from the truth. You cannot sustain a lifestyle where you forbid yourself all the fun you used to have on account of the new member in your family. If you do this, you will end up begrudging your child the sacrifices. Take your kid along to breakfast, out at the mall – introduce your child into the life you are accustomed to. You will realize that there are certain changes that you will have to make here and there but largely nothing major will have altered in how you led your life.
  • Take time out for your children – The importance of spending time with your child cannot be stressed enough. If you fail to spend time with your children, they will feel unwanted and may begin to internalize this neglect. Don’t let this happen, show your child you care by spending quality time with him/her. You may have to make time for them out of a busy schedule, but always remember that their childhood will only come once – your job appointment can be rescheduled.
  • Accept your mistakes – Apologize, if you’re in the wrong. Don’t be rigid. Be a good listener. Don’t always try to control your kids – let them make their own decisions. It will help them build their personality. They will grow self-assured and won’t look to you everytime they have to make a choice.
how to become a better father

Fatherhood is complicated. There is no doubt about it. But there are little things you can do that go a long way in making you a better father. Follow these above tips and you’ll be doing yourself and your kids a favor.


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