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Alabama Police Requirements

by Kelly B.

Alabama Police Requirements, How to Be Alabama Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Alabama?

If a person lands a job he or she is desirous of, the person can lead a satisfactory life. But whether this is possible in the present-day context is debatable. At the same time, it is not impossible to land a job one is desirous of. If you live in Alabama and if you want to become a police officer, you have to fulfill certain specific requirements. Let us find out more on this. 

1. Holding US citizenship is a must
You must be a US citizen if you want to become a police officer in Alabama. This is a basic requirement and hence, if you do not fulfill this, your aim to become a police officer in Alabama will remain a pipe-dream.

2. Age Requirement
Your age should at least be 19 years if you want to become a police officer in Alabama. Without completing 19 years, you can not apply for the position.

3. Educational Requirement
For becoming a police officer in Alabama, you should have either a G.E.D. or a High School Diploma.

Police Officer in Alabama

4. Requirement pertaining to driver's license
When you apply for the position of a police officer in Alabama, you will be asked if you have a driver's license pertaining to the state.

5. Clear Record
Those with a criminal background cannot aspire to become a police officer in Alabama. This means that unless your criminal record is flawless, you cannot dream of applying for the position. 

Requirement pertaining to reputation and character:

Your reputation and moral character should be immaculate if you wish to become a police officer in Alabama. Remember that there will be background checks for ensuring that you possess such a sound reputation and moral character.

Your stint with the armed forces
If you have worked earlier with the armed forces, you should have come out without any blemishes. If you have been discharged dishonorably, you can never aspire to become a police officer in Alabama.

Steps to become a police officer in the state of Alabama
Even if you fulfill the above requirements criteria, there are other steps that play a key role during your journey towards becoming a police officer in Alabama. Let us look at them.

How to Be Alabama Police Officer

Medical Examination
There will be a thorough and comprehensive medical examination and you should clear this step first for becoming a police officer in the state of Alabama. 
Vision Test

As a police officer, you should have good eyesight. So, you will have to submit to a vision test that has to confirm that you possess good eyesight.

Background Check
Once you clear the medical examination and the vision test, you will have to undergo a complete background check. This.check will include a polygraph test as well. 

Test pertaining to illegal substances

As a police officer, you should not be in possession of illegal substances. Hence, there will be a test for checking this also. 

Even after completing the above steps, you may have to qualify in a number of rigorous examinations to test your physical and mental abilities. You will be imparted training in a few skills as well. 

Alabama Police Department

Examinations for testing your physical ability

  • Tests that measure your physical agility.
  • You must possess the ability to do at least 22 pushups in a minute.
  • You should be able to do a minimum of 25 sit-ups in a minute. 
  • Should have the ability to run a distance of at least 1.5 miles within a duration of 15 minutes and 28 seconds.
  • You must be able to scale a fence of at least 6 feet. 
  • Walking at least 5 yards on the balance beam is another requirement. 
  • You should have the capability and strength to push and move a car at least for a distance of 15ft.
  • You must possess the physical ability for dragging a dummy-weight that weighs 165lbs. for a distance of 5 feet. 
  • Must be able to pass through a window opening of measurements 2’ x 2’ by crawling through the opening.

Written examinations;
You should pass written examinations pertaining to first aid and legal issues by scoring at least 70% in them.

Firearms training
You must undergo training for 43 hours for using patrol rifles, shotguns, and handguns. If you make three attempts in these firearms courses, you should qualify in at least two of them.

To summarize, only after undergoing basic training for 480 hours in all the above, you can become a police officer in Alabama. Of course, there will be an on-the-field training after this academy training.


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