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New Hampshire Police Requirements

by Kelly B.

New Hampshire Police Requirements, How to Be New Hampshire Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in New Hampshire?

In case you want to become a police officer in the state of New Hampshire, you need to adhere to certain requirements just like other States in the United States of America. Check out this article to know more about them.

Requirements to become a police officer in New Hampshire

  • Should not have any kind of severe criminal record
  • The candidate should hold GED, a diploma in high school or state-equivalent of such diplomas
  • Should hold good credit and driving histories.
    He/she should be recruited by a county, local, or state law enforcement organization for attending the Police Academy of New Hampshire
  • Near visual and binocular acuity of the candidate should be 20/40 naturally or after correction
  • He or she should complete the training program successfully within a time period of six months from their date of recruitment and have to be certified by the Police Standards & Training Council of New Hampshire
Police Officer in New Hampshire

Other requirements to become a police officer in New Hampshire

The candidate should not have any kind of serious motor vehicle or criminal record. He or she should pass the fingerprint check, background investigation, have a good credit history, clear a medical exam conducted by a licensed physician, a thorough psychological evaluation, as well as, a test on physical fitness. 

The required time period for becoming a police officer in the state of New Hampshire

In order to be a police officer in this American state, the hired person should undergo training for about 6 months in the state's police academy. In fact, it takes around 22 weeks to complete training in the police academy. Overall, it can take about two years to become a police officer in the state.

How to Be New Hampshire Police Officer

Process of becoming a police officer in New Hampshire's Concord

Read on the step-wise instructions below to become a police officer in Concord, New Hampshire:

  • Should adhere to all the requirements for being employed as a police officer
  • Submit an application for employment 
  • Appear in a written test
  • Appear in the test for Physical Ability
  • Face the Oral Board next
  • Should undergo a number of tests including a polygraph exam, background check, as well as a psychological exam
  • Attend the final interview
  • Get conditional employment offer and appear in physical exam
    Become state certified by attending the police academy 

Fulfill basic requirements for getting employed

Prior to submitting your application for the post of a police officer, you need to make sure of meeting all the minimum requirements for getting employed. If you are specifically interested to get recruited as a cop in New Hampshire's Concord, following are the minimum requirements to follow:

  • Should be a minimum of 21 years
  • Hold a diploma from a high school
  • Should have at least sixty credit hours while pursuing a bachelor or associate's program. Alternatively, one should have experience as a certified police officer for 2 years. Or, the person should have experience serving the military for 4 years in a respectable discharge. It is preferred that a candidate holds a bachelor's degree
New Hampshire Police Department

Submit an application for employment 
All job postings for the list of police officers are advertised well and applications for these positions can be made online. However, the candidate has to first create a new account for applying for the position.

Appear for a written test
Once the candidate receives his/her employment application, the Police Department in Concord shall review their qualifications and will intimate them in case they are eligible for appearing in the written exam. 

Appear for the test on physical ability
Once the candidate clears the written test, they have to appear for a test on their Physical Ability on that day itself. The candidate has to schedule an appointment with their physician before the date of exam and also get the medical waiver for taking the test for Physical Ability. 



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