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New Jersey Police Requirements

by Eddie V.

New Jersey Police Requirements, How to Be New Jersey Police Officer

What are the Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in New Jersey?

Every country has laws governing the order and various government officials who ensure that this governance is appropriately executed. A police officer’s work is not just limited to capturing criminals. There are a number of other responsibilities that they undertake to ensure that the government’s law machinery keeps running smoothly.

Let us quickly look below at what a Police Officer is required to do:

  • City patrolling both in the car and on foot
  • Arrest suspects for criminal activities
  • Interact with the public wherever necessary
  • Write incident reports
  • Testify in the court of law
  • Assist injured people and victims
  • Work with emotionally disturbed people and ensure the safety of everyone
  • Investigate road accidents
  • Clear off traffic to avoid congestions

A police officer is required to execute his responsibilities and duties in any kind of weather conditions. Chasing suspects, climbing stairs or standing for long durations are the physical requirements that an incumbent is expected to possess.

Police Officer in New Jersey

What does it take to be a Police Officer?

There are some basic qualifying criteria that applicants are required to meet at the time of applying for a Police Officer position in New Jersey. These are:

  • You should be 18-years old. It is important that you do not complete your 35th birthday before passing out of the academy.
  • You should have a bachelors degree or an associate’s degree. A person with a strong 24 months of military background can also apply for the written exam.
  • Should be a citizen of the United States and should be a Jersey City resident.
  • Must have a valid driving license from the State of New Jersey
  • Must be able to pass a background check

If at this point, if you have made up your mind to pursue your career of being a police officer then the next step for you is to go through the application process. Once the application passes the system disqualifier process, it goes through the following stages:

  • Screening to ensure that education and age criteria are met
  • Convictions for drug use, arrest warrants issued or any fraudulent activities in the past are all screened thoroughly
How to Be New Jersey Police Officer

All applicants clearing the above criteria move on to the pre-employment preparation program and the physical qualification test. Successful completion of a physical test requires:

  • Push up, sit up, 75yard pursuit run and 1.5mile run.
  • Your completion time and total numbers help you score points. For clearing the physical test, one must score 20 and more.

After passing this stage, you are required to take a written test which has:

  • Questions on how you judge situations
  • How well you know state policies and procedures.
  • School and work experience details to be provided
  • Your personal life experiences

Background checks – Once entering this stage, you will undergo:

  • Character checks, integrity, dependability, and ethical judgment.
  • Personal details validation which includes, citizenship, employment history, criminal history, and financial status
  • Spouses, friends, partners, and relatives are also interviewed

Any rejection of the application at this point will result in permanent disqualification for future considerations.

New Jersey Police Department

Review Board – The next step after clearing the background check is meeting the candidate review board.

  • You are required to appear alone before the board.
  • During the meeting, the board will discuss any issues that may have surfaced during the background check
  • A generic interview

Upon successfully clearing this last stage only, will you receive your appointment letter from the New Jersey Police Academy.

But hold on! You must still undergo:

  • Medical and
  • Psychological examination.

From here, the passing candidates will attend a two-day Academy Awareness program which exposes the applicants to classroom training, protocol instructions and physical checks. From there, the candidates go to the Police Academy which offers a 24- week knowledge program in becoming a Police Officer.


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