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How to Cancel Intelius and Get a Refund!

by Zeus V.

How to Cancel, How to Cancel Intelius Account

How to Cancel Intelius Membership Online?

Intelius is a platform providing information on individuals and their connections to others, be it reconnecting with old friends, knowing more about your family tree and getting in touch with long lost family and also help you get contact details of your acquaintances.

Intelius Membership:

The Intelius membership is also known as the Intelius Premier Plus provides access to unlimited searches by name and phone number along with an easy to read format. Members also avail of a voucher for a free background check, which is renewed each month. Unlimited Criminal checks can also be purchased with a saving of approximately 50%. You can subscribe for a membership with a monthly fee of $29.95 only.

How to Cancel Intelius Account
Canceling Intelius Membership:

The Intelius Premium Plus membership can be canceled by following the given steps:

  • Log on to the website and sign in with the set user ID and password.
  • Once you are logged in to your account and can see the website dashboard, go to "My Account" on the upper right corner of the page and click on Account settings from the drop-down menu.
  • After the Account Settings are displayed, you will see a "Memberships" option on the page. Click on the section to expand it.
  • After the selection is expanded, there will be a " Cancel Membership" option given which can be clicked on. Once clicked, a confirmation window will pop up, with options - Yes and No. Click on "Yes" to continue your cancellation.
  • When the cancellation is confirmed, the page will refresh and reflect the status showing "Cancelled" along with the expiration date of the current period of membership.

If any issues arise or require any additional assistance, kindly contact (888) 445- 2727, between Monday to Friday from 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Time.

Maintaining Memberships:

The Intelius application allows its users to enroll in a recurring, monthly membership. The memberships are divided into the following categories-

  • App access only - Unlimited access to profiles for $9.99 per month only
  • App and Web access - Unlimited access to profiles for $19.99 per month only

Members who want to initiate a cancellation or refund need to do it via the App/ Play store as Intelius does not handle the In-App billings directly.

Getting a Refund on Intelius Application:

The Intelius application gives its users a variety of one- time purchases. These options include the purchase of single profiles for $1.99, background checks for $19.99 each.

For Apple users- customers need to contact the iTunes store directly and request them for a refund using the following link-

For Android users - customers need to request for a refund directly on the Google Play store with the following link-

Premium Plus members have complete access to the Intelius mobile app. If you are billed $29.99, it means that the membership was made on the website and not the mobile application.

How to Cancel Intelius Account

Intelius 7 Day Access Pass:

Previously, the majority of the reports on Intelius included an Intelius Premier Plus 7- Day Access Pass. This pass allowed customers unlimited searches by phone numbers, names and email IDs. This pass was converted to a recurring monthly membership for the charge of $29.99 monthly if the pass is kept for more than 7 days.

However if the pass was canceled within the 7 day period, a fee of $7.95 was charged for 7 days of unlimited access. This fee is a one time charge, which the users will not be billed again for the specific purchase/pass.

The Intelius application gives users a free 2-day trial. This trial provides unlimited searches and starts as soon as the application is downloaded.


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