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How to Cancel People Looker: Easy Steps to Cancel

by Andy A.

How to Cancel People Looker, How to Cancel

Learn How to Cancel People Looker Quickly and Easily!

Access to information is now easier and quicker than ever thanks to the internet that provides us data whenever we want, right at our fingertips. Nowadays, we can get unlimited access to information, including data about people from all over the country. However, conventional methods for searching for information about people, like social media sites, cannot necessarily provide us with the truth because people can easily lie about who they are. That is where public records search websites, like PeopleLooker, come in handy. The website can provide its users with accurate information about people from all over the United States with its membership plans. If you decide to cancel your subscription to the website, you can do so by following the steps in this guide that reveals how to cancel People Looker.


First of All – What us People Looker?

PeopleLooker is a public records search site that provides its users with information about individuals based on details that its users provide. People Looker services and features are:

People lookup by name – a search engine that provides data about people based on their name; when users enter the first name, last name, city of residence, and state of residence of an individual they are searching for, the website scan public records that are registered to the said individual. The information the People Looker provides includes contact information, phone numbers, current and past addresses, names of relatives, social media accounts, and more.

Phone number search – if you have the phone number of a person you want to know more about, you can use to find information about him/her. When you enter the phone number of the said person into the phone number search directory, you will receive comprehensive information about them including name, residential data, criminal history, social media profiles, and more.

This type of directory is especially helpful when all the information you have about a certain person is their phone number, or if you are uncertain if someone gave you true information about themselves. For instance, if you met someone on a dating website/app, and they gave you their phone number, you can use the People Looker phone number search service to find out if the person you are speaking with provided you with their real name, if they are married, if they are registered sex offenders, and much more information.

People Looker

Email Search – if you are getting an email from unknown emails or emails that belong to people you know, you can use the email search service to find the following information: Name, Associate phone numbers, Photos, Education, Social Media profiles, Job history, and more. With the email search, you can avoid online scams and find out who is behind the emails you receive.

Property search – a directory that provides information based on addresses. So, if you want to find information about a new address you want to move into, or information about homes in your neighborhood, you can use the property search directory that provides the Name of the current owner and previous owner, Exact address, Number of rooms, Square footage, Other information provided by the county assessor, Deeds, and more.

People Looker Pricing

PeopleLooker offers two membership plans that users can subscribe to:

  • First plan - $18.28 per month – for a month-to-month membership
  • Second plan: $43.86 per three months - $14.62 a month
How to Cancel People Looker

How to Cancel PeopleLooker?

If you want to cancel your People Looker membership, you can do so in several ways. The best way to cancel peoplelooker is to contact the website's customer support service that works on Weekdays 8:00 am - 10:00 pm Est, and Weekends 10:00 am - 8:00 pm Est. The people looker customer support service number is 1-800-218-3309, and the People Looker customer support email address is

If you registered to People Looker on an app, you can also cancel your subscription through the methods mentioned above. Make sure you get a confirmation for your cancellation and that you are no longer billed after your subscription is canceled.

People Looker provided public records information about people from all 50 states, so you can use it to get data about anyone you want. You can purchase a membership on a monthly basis, or a 3-month subscription and perform as many background checks as you need. However, if you want to cancel PeopleLooker, you can do so by contacting the customer support service that will cancel your membership and your payments.


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