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How to Cancel and Get a Refund?

by Rhon A.

How to Cancel, How to Cancel People Whiz Account

People Whiz Cancel Membership: How to Cancel People Whiz?

Meeting new people is something that many people would like to do. However, not many can do so. This is because not many people are honest about themselves. The best way to solve such a problem is to do a background check. But, unfortunately, not all people can do this. Fortunately, many companies do this for a price.

Companies like offer to do background checks on friends, family members, and any known associate. Like with many companies, not all are satisfied with the service they have received. Those who have are not happy with the services provided can cancel their subscription.

People can go a step further and opt-out of their services.

People Whiz
Policy regarding cancellation has a clear policy concerning cancellation. People can cancel their accounts anytime. This can be done either by phoning them directly or sending an email to them.

The number through which people can call them is (833) 276-9449. This number is a toll-free number and is available 24/7.

In case there is no time to make a call then is the email address that people can send their cancellation request to. However, the response to the email will be on weekdays and no one operates it on weekends. People can expect a response to their cancellation request within 24 hours on weekdays.

If an account has been canceled then it will reflect immediately in the next billing cycle.

How to Cancel People Whiz Account
Policy regarding refunds has a strict policy of deciding refunds. They will base their decision on the case and like most businesses who place a high priority on the satisfaction of their customers. They would try to solve the problem. Only when they have concluded that the problem is genuine and cannot be solved will they issue a refund.

To get the company to process the refund request, people can contact either through the phone or email. If the person wishes to contact them over the phone, the concerned person is requested to have the necessary information with them. This includes their account number.

In case the person does not have the time they can send their request over email. If this is the case they must give all details like their account number along with the reason for the request.

How to Cancel People Whiz
Opting out from their services allows people who do not want their information on the site to opt-out. For this, they have a page that gives details instructions.

Any individual who wishes to remove their information from the server can do so. They need not be a member to do.

The first step they will have to do is enter their details. Once they have done that they should press the search button. A list of potential individuals will appear. The concerned individual has to go through the list and find the correct person. Once they have found the correct person, they should click the “that’s me” button next to it. After doing that the website will prompt them to enter their email address. The individual should enter their email address and click next. The email is to get a confirmation from the individual.

Next, the site will prompt the individual to upload their photo ID. After uploading the photo, the individual should go check the given email address. There the company will send an email with a link to remove their information. The individual should click on the link. After that, they would get a confirmation that the request has been accepted. The normal time needed to remove the information is seven days.

However, the refresh cycle for their servers is between 24 and 48 hours. Also, they recommend that the person clear out the cookies and cache of their computer before checking. This is because there is a chance that the computer might access the data stored on your computer.


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