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How to Cancel and Get a Refund?

by Toni S.

How to Cancel, USA Trace Cancel

How to Cancel and get a Refund is a social security number and public records search network. The website scans public records across the United States of America and compiles all its data into a singular report. You can access these records either free of charge, through a one-time payment, or with a base membership fee.

USATrace falls under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), meaning you can find verified details about people, including their full legal name, marital status, contact information, past and present addresses, employment and financial information, eviction notices, and their social media profiles. However, the FCRA prohibits you from using this information for employment or tenancy purposes.

The services provided by USATrace includes:

  • Search through Social Security Numbers: You can search for a person's records through their social security number. If you do not have all the information about the individual, you can even search the person's name and partial social security number. The information you will receive includes the individual's full name, their aliases, past and present phone numbers, their addresses, date of birth, criminal records, and names of relatives.
  • Search by address: You can search for the records of a person based on their name and address. The latter can be either full or partial. Still, you have to know the state. You will receive results that include the individual's full name, their phone number, current address, date of birth, criminal records, and names of their relatives.
USA Trace

How it works

USATrace provides unbridled access to public records and openly available sources of information. The site compiles its findings into a comprehensive report that you can access. These reports are provided for informational purposes only. Once you enter the details for your search, you will receive a preview of the information included in the person's reports to ensure that you have the data of the correct individual.

The extent of information you can access differs according to the laws of every individual state. In the case of judgments and convictions, you will only view the final convictions of each case, not the entirety of the court proceedings.

You have the option of paying a fee to access singular reports, or you can pay a base membership fee starting at $9.95 to access unlimited reports. Prices for singular reports can vary, depending on the records found.

USA Trace Cancel
Cancellation and refund policy

All fees and subscriptions paid to USATrace are non-refundable. Unless you have written consent stating that you are liable for a refund, you cannot ask for one.

You are free to cancel your membership to USA Trace at any time. However, you have to remember to cancel your membership before the start of the month, as fees once deducted will not be returned to you.

You can cancel your membership in the following ways:

  • Online: The easiest way you can cancel your USA Trace membership is by sending a message via the following link: You will be required to enter your full name and your email address. After that, you can type a message requesting the cancellation of your account.
How to Cancel,
  • Email: Another way you can request a cancellation of your USATrace membership is by sending an email to In the email, you have to send your full name and your request for cancellation. Ensure that you request your account be terminated from the next month, not the current one.
  • Phone: You can contact the customer support of USATrace at (804) 442- 6182. Give the customer support representative your full name and email id for authentication purposes. After you have submitted the required details, your membership will be canceled within a few business days.


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