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How to Clean your Hard Drive

by Eddie V.

Storage Space Cleanser, How to Clean Hard Drive

How to Clean your Hard Drive

You’d think it’d get difficult to fill up your hard drive with the rapid expansion in hard-drive space. But the games and movies you’ve downloaded, your photos, apps and other junk files you don’t need any longer would disagree. Solid-state drives have a tendency to fill up much faster than traditional mechanical hard drives. Cleaning your hard drive regularly not only frees up space for you to store important programs and files, but it also keeps your system healthy. If you’re pressed for space in your hard drive, don’t rush to buy yourself a new one. Use the tools built-into Windows to optimize available space. Here are some suggestions on how you can clean the clutter from your hard drive –

  • Run Disk Cleanup – Disk Cleanup removes unnecessary temporary files stored on your computer. In order to run Disk Cleanup, you need to click on the Start button on your home screen. Then head over to All Programs and select Accessories. Click on System Tools and choose Disk Cleanup. A dialog box will appear. It will show you a list for Files to Delete – check the boxes for the files you want deleted and uncheck for the files you’d like to keep. Proceed to the Clean Up System Files button. The More Options tab will enable you to remove programs and System Restore files you no longer you. Windows will issue a pop-up confirming whether you’re sure you want to delete the selected files – click OK to continue and then Yes. Your hard drive will have been cleaned.
Storage Space Cleanser
  • Uninstall memory-heavy programs – You will need to find out which programs are using up the most amount of space on your hard drive. Go to the Control Panel and click on Programs and Features. Now, click on the Size column and you will be able to see how much space is being used by each program. Searching for Uninstall programs from your Start Menu will give you the same result. In case the Size column is not visible, click on the Options button and choose the Details view. Not all programs accurately state the disk space they are using. A third-party uninstaller can be used to ensure that there are no residual files left that are still occupying space on your hard drive. Windows 10 users can simply open the PC Settings and select Apps & features from the System option. They can then remove regular apps or Windows Store apps.
  • Delete Duplicate Files – Employ a duplicate-file-finder application which will scan out duplicate files from your hard drive and then delete these files. You can either use a free software for this or spend a little on a premium service which will offer you more features.
Disk Cleanup
  • Analyze Hard Disk Space – A hard disk analysis program will let you know which folders and files are taking up the maximum amount of space on your hard drive. Once you have this information, you can proceed to delete your personal data files. These programs can usually inform you if another program is using up a lot of space on your hard disk even if the Programs and Features Control Panel is unable to do so. Just be careful to not delete any important system files in the process.


Try out these ingenious methods to clean up your hard disk space first, before you spend on buying yourself a new hard drive. Your hard drive could be filled with trash you no longer have any use for, removing which will free up a sizeable amount of hard disk space.


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