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How to Clear Cookies on Safari?

by Eddie V.

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How to Clear Cookies on Safari?

Computer cookies are very different from the real, physical cookies and they play a very important role in ensuring that people can browse the internet with ease. Cookies on any computer should always be cleared or deleted from time to time. While cookies can lead to certain security issues, they are mostly harmless and help in online communication.

The formal term for the computer cookie is HTTP cookie or a web/internet cookie. Cookies are sent by websites that the user visits. It is a packet of information that goes back and forth between websites and the users who visit them. Cookies are typically stored inside web browsers and help websites keep a track of the activity and visits made by the various users. While cookies can be considered sensitive information, it is actually a very useful tool. For example, it helps online retail services to keep a track of the purchases or the items in a shopper’s cart. Basically, websites need a way to keep updating the records of the various users as they interact with various features and services. In order to save the user’s interactions or choices, a permanent record is needed which doesn’t disappear as soon as the user ends the session with the website. Cookies stored on the user’s computer offer a convenient way to do that.


Normally, cookies are completely safe and no malware can be inserted during the transmission of cookies as the data that is transmitted in the form of cookies cannot be changed. There can be security complications when certain viruses or malware are disguised as cookies which often are bigger in size and recreate themselves even after being deleted.

Types of Cookies

There are three main types of internet cookies- session cookies, permanent cookies, and third-party cookies. Session cookies are primarily used by online retail stores for storing information about purchases and carts. Permanent cookies operate even after the browser has been closed and contain details such as login information and passwords. Permanent cookies are routinely deleted after a time period of six months. Third-party cookies are special types of cookies that are aimed towards collecting information about the user, such as online behavior and browsing patterns in order to improve the service provided and customize the settings according to the user’s preferences.

Deleting Cookies from the web browser

Cookies can be easily deleted from the web browser itself. Different browsers store their cookies in a different fashion. In the Safari provided by the MacOS, cookies can be accessed from the "Preferences" section. Users alternatively can hold down the command button and the comma key to open up the preferences section. Under the preferences section, users can locate the privacy tab. There is an option under that tab that says "remove all website data." After clicking that option, there is an additional confirmation message that is generated. The user can also choose to view detailed information about the data that is stored by clicking on the details button right below the option for deleting all website data. Once the details section is clicked, a panel pops up showing the individual website from which data is stored on the computer. The user can hold down the command key and select multiple websites and delete them together.

In iOS, the Safari app has a settings section which contains the button for deleting all website data. The needs to tap “clear” on the confirmation message that is generated. Alternatively, the user can access the advanced setting and view individual website data just like MacOS. Individual websites can be selected from this section and deleted accordingly.


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