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How To Console Someone Who Was Fired From Their Job?

by Rhon A.

How To Console Someone Who Was Fired

 What To Tell Someone Who Was Fired?

Getting fired from the job can be highly frustrating. Particularly, if it happens to a person with a family to support and dependent on them, it can create a whole lot of stress. Even, there are instances of people killing themselves due to fear towards the future when they are fired from their job. If one of your friends is in such a situation, here are some tips to help you console him/her:

How can I help?

If your friend is highly frustrated with being fired from the job and not sure how you can help him, just show him by your action that you are there to support him. You can introduce him to the people in your network. You can also take the person to a job event or fair. You can communicate your support to him in all instances.

How To Console Someone Who Was Fired
Offer tangible support:

Do not push your friend to get your support. But, do not forget to offer tangible forms of support. For instance, you can extend your help by reminding your friend about the work expenses or unused vacation pay that has not been reimbursed yet. Also, you can talk about what to do about health insurance. If your friend accepts, you can offer help by editing cover letter and updating his/her resume, etc. Even, you can keep your eyes and ears open for the person on possible connections and job leads.

Do not make light of the situation:

When you are offering affirming words, make sure that you avoid jokes at any cost. Remember that your friend has just been fired, he/she might be in shock, anger and distraught. When you joke at such a situation, you might hurt their emotions. In this situation, you should respect the space as well. He/she might need some time alone. So, try to understand it with his/her body language and act accordingly.

Help with healing:

After one or two days of loneliness, you should help your friend with healing. Suggest her/him be physically active. Just call the person for a walk with you. Otherwise, you can also book a ticket for a program that he/she will love to watch. It can be a film or a show or even a music concert that you feel the person will love. When you can provide some sort of help for the person to forget the bad day, he/she will slowly come out.

Tell “I have faith in you”:

Whenever a career setback occurs, it is better to remind the person about the achievement he/she has made in the career. It can even be a small thing. Reminding him/her of the past achievements will boost the person’s confidence level to a great extent. He/she will come out of the fear of finding a new job. Also, remind the person about how he/she came out of the worst situation in life in the past. Never forget to appreciate his/her decision-making ability. Reassure that any decision he/she makes will be fruitful.

What to Tell Someone Who Was Fired


Before you provide any sort of support, listen to the person’s words. Of course, he/she might be hurt due to the sudden job fire. However, the person might also be interested in exploring newer opportunities. You can understand what the person feels only when you listen to him. However, rather than assuming try to talk to your friend on what he/she feels about the present situation.


Remember that job loss is not uncommon. Many people face this situation in life and they achieve great things in their career after being fired off a job. Remind these words to your friend and extend your support. Your motivational words will boost the person’s confidence level to a great extent.


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