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How to Control your Emotions for Better Living!

by Ciara C.

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How to Control Your Emotions for Better Living! 

There were times you said something when you were angry but later regretted. You are not alone in doing so. Emotions are extremely powerful. The mood you have in one moment determines your interaction with people at that moment. It also dictates the amount of money you spend and how to manage your challenges. It also determines how you spend the time.

You will mentally be stronger when you can manage your emotions. If you are prone to rages, then the good news is you can train yourself better when it comes to regulating your emotions. Tackling emotions is similar to other skills. It needs dedication and practice to master it.

control emotions

Do not remain uncomfortable

You should manage your impressions, not suppress them. Simply pretending not to feel the pain or ignoring sadness will not delete those emotions. The truth is, suppressing emotional wounds will in all probability make them worse over a period of time. People who cannot manage their feelings turn to alcohol or eating copious amounts of food. Do understand your emotions have no control over you. Do not allow your emotions to flood the other senses. Even if you start the day on a bad note, you can turn things around. Angry about something or someone? Do take the option to calm yourself.

Name your emotions

You must acknowledge what you feel before you need to change it. This could be a disappointment or sadness, or you could be nervous. Do remember that anger masks vulnerable emotions like embarrassment or shame. This is the reason you should understand what you exactly feel. Make a name for the emotions. Do comprehend that it is possible to feel a whole lot of emotions simultaneously. You could feel impatient, anxious, and frustrated at the same time. When you name your emotion, it loses its sting. You can also anticipate how such feelings affect your decisions.

Package thoughts

You perceive events as per your emotions. If you are anxious, you assume the worst. If you are happy, you get optimistic when you hear of new developments. Once you know this, you can package your thoughts in a rational manner instead of behaving in an erratic manner. Packaging your thoughts will enable you to get a realistic view. If you find yourself in a completely alien environment, do not descend into negative thoughts. Instead, think about how you can benefit from a new environment. Meet new people and express interest in them and what they do.

The simplest way to attain a new perspective is to move back a step and question yourself as to what you would say to a friend who suffers from an identical problem. Answer the question in a rational manner and you could suddenly find yourself to be a more rational person. If your mind is steeped in negative things, the go for a quick activity, like walking or jogging. This will stop your brain from ruminating.

how to control your emotions

Lighten your mood

If you are in a sad mood, there is a greater chance of you engaging in activities which will continue to keep you in that depressive state. Most people do endless scroll through their smartphones or call others to share their pain and frustration. These actions will keep you unhappy. Instead, do things which you do when you are happy. You can phone a friend with a sense of humor and who has the ability to cheer you up. Listen to happy and fun music to uplift your mood.

Do continue to practice your happiness inducing skills. The process could be tough, but worth it. When you regulate your emotions, you also get emotionally stronger.

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