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Create Your Very Own Google Maps List with this Guide!

by Eddie V.

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How To Create a List in Google Maps?

We often find ourselves recommending places to visit or restaurants to dine at to our friends, family, and co-workers. Sometimes people from out of town ask you about activities they could do in the city or sometimes an elaborate plan to travel around in your country. You happen to be a traveler of sorts and know places that people can visit and tour. You would’ve been writing down these recommendations or typing out long texts earlier, but now you can recommend places just by sending them a link with Google Map’s new feature.

What is Google Maps List?

You can make customized lists of places on Google Maps. The feature in Google Maps is handy, as it lets you view places on your list that are nearby directly from the map view. With Lists, you can create a list of all the top Oriental restaurants in town, and then Google will plot them out on a map for you. That means that everyone you share the list with can figure out where your selections are.

What are the features and benefits of lists?

These lists are shareable within the Google Maps app, and you can follow lists of places that you're interested in. Lists help you create lists within the feature that can be saved as public or private.

Google Maps

Steps to create a List in Google Maps?

If you want to create a list in Google, the simple process, and requires you to have an Android device or iPhone, with the Google Maps app installed. Here’s how you make a list:
1. The first step is to find the first thing/place/restaurant that you want to add to that list.
2. After you have selected a location, at the bottom of the page, you’ll see the name of the location you’re looking for along with the time it will take you to get there if you were to leave your current location right now.
3. The company’s business page will let you know what it's average rating on Google is, with a brief description of what happens there.

 Below the name of the company and right above where the description is mentioned, you will find three buttons: one of these buttons will let you call the listed business, one will take you to the business website, and the third is the Save button. Tap on the Save button.

Google Maps List

4. After you click on Save, many list options will pop up. You can save the location as a “New List.”
5. When you select New List, a dialogue box will appear, that will ask you to provide a name for your list. Make sure you name your list with something that describes exactly what the list encompasses. Keep it simple enough so that it will be easy for you to find it later on. Ensure that your List’s name is under 40 characters, so be creative, but try not to get carried away.
6. Click the Create option at the right bottom area on the pop-up box. You will see a pop up that lets you know that your location has been saved to the list. If you want to look at the places that you have collected, you can tap on the link within that popup to pull up your whole list.

Once you have added everything that you want to the List, you will be able to pull it up whenever you need by click the three lines on the left side of that search box and then select "Your Places" from there, navigate to the "Saved" tab, and then click on your list.

Once you are on a list, you will be able to share in if you tap the sideways V that appears right at the top of the page. Tap that link, and it will generate a link that you can then copy and paste into a text message, direct message, email, and so on.

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