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How to Delete my Cookies on Firefox?

by Garry S.

Mozilla Firefox, How to Delete Cookies on Firefox

How to delete my Cookies on Firefox

Cookies have become a staple term in conversations related to computers and the internet. We have all come across the mention of cookies on various websites which ask for our permission before sending them or have seen the cookies folder on our computers. Cookies are small bits of information sent by websites that help them remember their visitors and help them provide a better service.

Cookies today often receive a bad rap due to some of their inherent vulnerabilities and the way they collect personal information. Cookies, however, are indispensable tools in providing a customized and quality online experience. Whenever we visit a website, the website sends various kinds of cookies to our computers. The cookies are basically text files containing information. Whenever a website sends you cookies, it is basically storing information related to your activities. For example, your preferences, the items in your shopping carts, ID and password that you wish to save and other details are all saved and resume from where you left off during your previous session. This is possible only due to cookies, as they contain information relevant to your online behavior. There are certain kinds of cookies that collect information about your various online activities. This is done to provide you with better and more customized content. Retail services often send such cookies in order to tailor their advertisements and product references for their customers.

Mozilla Firefox

Cookies are typically connected to the web browser and are stored in a folder within the browser. Every browser collects cookies, categorizes them according to the URLs and stores all the details. One can go to the settings section in various browsers and check the various links that have sent cookies on their computers. While most cookies are not harmful, it is often advised to delete cookies routinely. Deleting cookies once in every 5 to 6 months is a healthy habit that can keep your computer clean and provide an unbiased online experience as and when required.

Deleting cookies in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers today that has been developed as an open source project. Deleting cookies on Mozilla Firefox is an extremely easy process. On the upper right corner of the browser window, there is the icon for the menu section. Upon clicking it, a drop-down section appears with multiple selections. The "options" section has to be selected which further presents the privacy option. One can choose to clear the history and cache directly by selecting clear your recent history. The user is provided with a menu that allows them to select the duration of history that the user wishes to delete. Also, the user can choose the various data sets that they wish to delete such as browsing history and search history, cookies, cache, active logins, any kind of offline website data and site preferences. By clicking on the “everything” section and clicking “clear now” will erase all online history.

Mozilla Firefox

On the left-hand side of the privacy section, there is an advanced setting that allows users to delete various cached content from the web. By selecting clear now, one can easily delete any kind of information.  Usually, cookies are completely safe and do not cause any kind of harm. There are certain kinds of malware that can be disguised as cookies and cause damage to the computer. However, most web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox are equipped with strong anti-malware features that prevent the entry of such cookies. Additionally, websites today present the various viewers with a notification and an agreement form that details out the various cookies that will be sent.

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