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Delete Instagram Account: The How to Guide!

by Eddie V.

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How to Delete Your Instagram Account (Or Temporarily Deactivate It)

If you are curious to know how to delete your Instagram account or ways of deactivating it temporarily, this article can come in handy for you.

While social networking websites have millions of supporters worldwide, they are not without their share of detractors. Hence, it is not surprising that despite the huge popularity of these social media sites, many have been quitting these sites for good or for a temporary time period. The step-by-step guide will tell you the technique of deleting your Instagram account.

Many studies have revealed that Instagram, the most popular and widely-used picture-sharing platform may be a highly damaging social media site for the mental health of young people. Many users could also be suffering from inadequacy sentiments due to its excessive use. The never-ending scrolling photostream of Instagram is famously designed to keep its users occupied for the longest possible time. It also introduced a tool for the time limit and also has begun to allow its users to upload their video clips for even an hour’s length.


No matter what is the cause for deleting your Instagram account, you can follow one of these two ways to make your account offline. A temporary way to do so is by deactivating your Instagram account. When your account is deactivated, all your likes, images, profile, and comments will not be visible. At the same time, the moment you activate your deactivated Instagram account, all such information gets restored automatically.

Deleting your Instagram account is a permanent step as your account cannot be restored thereafter. It means, when your Instagram account is deleted, all your followers, likes, comments, videos, images, and profile details are gone forever. Plus, you cannot log in again with the same credentials (username) after your account deletion.

1. Permanent deletion of your Instagram account

As just mentioned above, it is not possible to log in to Instagram with the same credentials or username once your account is deleted. You would not be able to add the same username to some other account. Plus, Instagram cannot reactivate your deleted account.

Follow the following steps to delete an Instagram account permanently:

Ø  Go to the Instagram site to sign into your account. You need to note in this context that your Instagram account cannot be deleted when you are within this app.

Ø  Go to the link  in order to see the web page to ‘Delete Your Account’

Delete Instagram Account

Ø  You will see a drop-down menu at the bottom of this webpage where you need to choose the exact reason for deleting your account from the available choices

Ø  When prompted, enter your password for Instagram once again

Ø  Choose ‘Permanently delete my account’

In case you wish to delete some other Instagram account, simply click on that username from your “Delete Your Account” webpage.

Click or tap on that username and then choose “Log Out”. Hen Sign in with the user account you wish to delete. Thereafter, you need to follow the same steps as above.

2. Deactivate your Instagram account

In order to deactivate your account on Instagram temporarily so that you can either delete it permanently or restore it later, these steps can be followed:

Ø  Go to the Instagram site and then sign in with your account details. Your Instagram account cannot be deactivated when you are within the app.

Ø  Go to your profile webpage and then choose “Edit Profile”

Ø  You will have to choose the option “Temporarily disable my account” on this page

Ø  Click on the drop-down menu displayed on the page and choose the reason for deactivating your Instagram account

Ø  When prompted, enter your password once again

Ø  Choose the option “Temporarily disable account”


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