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How to Find Cheaters and Signs for Identifying Cheater Lies

by Robert C.

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Cheater Lies and Cheating Signs You Have to Know

Cheating is one of the most devastating things that can happen to you in a relationship, and finding out the truth poses an important question: "should we break up?". Every person who was cheated on makes the decision that best suits them, which is impossible without discovering the truth. If you suspect that your romantic partner might be romancing someone else, you can find out the truth by knowing cheaters lies and signs that they are cheating. To be certain he/she is cheating on you, you can perform a quick cheat detector test that will let you know what is going on.

Common Signs of Cheating

There are well-known signs of cheating, like new moves in the bedroom, extra personal care, "working late" etc. However, there are also a few signs of cheating that you might not know, and now is the time to discover them:

Speech pattern changes
According to a study performed at the Southern Methodist University by professor of psychology James W. Pennebaker, there are a few common words that cheaters start using without even noticing what they are doing. Cheaters often use the following patterns during conversations, so you need to notice what your partner says:  

Negative emotion words, like "hate," "anger," or "enemy."

Motion verbs, like "walk" or "move."

How to Find Cheaters

On the other hand, cheaters use less of the following speech patterns, so notice these changes as well:

First person words, like "my" "I," "me,"

Cognitive words, like "realize" or "think."

Exclusive words, like "except" or "but."

Sudden inability to speak
Cheaters often try to conceal their behavior, but there are certain bodily functions no one can control, no matter how hard they try. One of these functions can help you discover cheating; if you notice that your partner suddenly pauses in conversations and can't speak all of a sudden – it could be a sign of cheating. Why? Because when people get nervous, which they do when they are cheating and speak to their partner, they can't speak. This is the result of the automatic nervous system responding to stress and silencing speech.

Cheater Common Lies

Repeating questions
Professor of psychology R. Edward Geiselman released a study in 2011 where he found another interesting behavioral pattern of cheaters; according to the study, people who cheat and lie repeat questions during conversations. The theory behind this behavior is the cheaters need more time than usual to come up with answers, so they will ask to repeat questions until they come up with an answer.

Starting personal attacks
If you want to know how to find cheaters, here is another cheating sign you need to notice: when cheaters are asked questions, they will sometimes start a personal attack on the person who asked them the question, which is usually their romantic partner. Starting a personal attack instead of answering a question is a telltale sign of cheating, and if your partner is sometimes aggressive, think why.

How to Find Out if They Are Cheating

If you notice any of the common signs and cheater common lies, it's time to find out if your suspicions have a reason. If you choose the direct approach by asking your partner if he/she is cheating, you might not get the truth. So, you will have to play spy and find out if the person you love is unfaithful to you.

Cheaters Lies

Following your partner is an option, but maybe a bit extreme. So, you need a more subtle approach, like getting your hands on their phone for a few minutes. Once you have access to the phone and your partner is out of the room, grab a notepad and pen and start writing numbers of people you do not recognize.

When you have the phone number, you can enter the digits into GoLookUp's reverse phone number directory to find out who are the people behind the numbers. In a matter of minutes, you will get public records report on the phone number you entered including their full names, contact information, social media data, and much more. The information will help you discover if your partner is cheating and set things straight the best way possible.

Cheating is unfortunately very common, and it could be hard to detect. If your instincts tell you that something is going on, start noticing the cheater common lies and cheating signs that your romantic partner is cheating. If you start seeing several signs of cheating, it's time to find out if your suspicions have merit with a reverse phone number search. You might find an unpleasant truth, but at least it will be the truth.  


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