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How to Easily Find Notepad on Windows and Use it!

by Bob V.

How to Find Notepad on Windows, Notepad, Find Notepad

How to Find Notepad On Your Windows and Use It?

All users of Window Operating System are aware of Notepad. It is a text editor that is easy to use and is a part of MS Window Operating System ever since Microsoft launched its Windows 1.0 version way back in 1985. Using Notepad is quite crucial for writing HTML coding but it has other uses too. The most beautiful aspect of using Notepad is there is no need for any kind of fancy software for coding or editing Hyper Text Marked Up Language for any web page.  Notepad in Windows 10 Operating System is an editor that is most commonly used for editing HTML programs. It is a basic editor and once you are at ease writing your HTML code here, you can try out other advanced text editors. A merit of using the software is if you can write an HTML program in Notepad, it is easy to write HTML code for a web page almost anywhere.

How to open Notepad on Windows 10 Operating System?

It could be tough for some users to locate Notepad in Window 10 Operating System. While there are many ways of opening Notepad here, check out the most common ways to do so:

1. You need to first go to the logo of Windows on the taskbar in order to get the Start menu or click on Start

2. Next, click on All Programs or Programs to see the list of all your installed programs

3. Choose the Accessories folder and click to expand it

4. You need to click the Notepad icon for opening the program

Some other ways to open Notepad are listed below:

·       Right-click a blank area to open Notepad. Choose New from the menu. Then choose Text Document and double-click on it.

·       You can also locate it by searching. You need to enter the word note in the displayed search box. Choose Notepad from the results of your search.

·       You can press your mouse on Windows logo and the R alphabet together. Type the word notepad there and then you need to choose OK.

how to find notepad with windows


Using Notepad with HTML

1. You need to first open a new document in Notepad

2. Enter the HTML codes in that document

3. Go to File-> Save as to save this file in Notepad

4. Key in a file name with an extension .htm and choose UTF-8 from the drop-down menu of Encoding.

5. You can either use the .htm or .html as the extension of the file. However, avoid saving your file with the .txt extension.

6. Your next step would be to open this file using a web browser. You can do so by double-clicking this file. Alternatively, right-click on the file and select Open with to see the page.

 Some key uses of Notepad

1. Use Notepad to create HTML web pages

We have already discussed the most common use of Notepad in detail. You can create your first webpage based on HTML using Notepad. In other words, the editor can be your stepping stone to enter into the arena of web pages, as well as, website creation.

2. It can be an economic option for printing

Notepad comes handy, especially when you need to print a large quantity of text-laden pages.

3. It can be used as a digital diary

Notepad can be also used as your digital. It can automatically add time and date information for each line typed in Notepad.

While Notepad is around for quite some time now, it has retained its popularity as a helpful desktop application to write HTML codes and simple text.

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