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Sexual Compatibility - How to Find Out If You Are Sexually Compatible?

by Felix J.

Sexual Compatibility, Sexually Compatible

Sexual Compatibility in Relationships Explained!

In most relationships, one of the worrying problems is meeting each other halfway on the sexual train. Here are simple ways to analyze if two people are sexually compatible.

The Wanting

Chemistry – a subject most of us disliked in school, suddenly plays a vital role in the relationship stakes. The tension you feel when you are with this sexy someone is crazy. Your thoughts play havoc and all you can think is getting down and dirty. Once you get that out of the way with some mind-blowing sex, and the two of you still feel a connection, this is probably the first sign of sexual chemistry converting to compatibility.


The question of how to be sexually compatible is based on honesty in the sexual union. Sometimes it is not necessarily about the deed, it is also about the real deal. Without this basic premise, there may not even be great compatibility to deal with, ever. Anal sex seems to be quite a constant today, with more couples indulging in this formula. Whether both are agreeable to this formula, should be factored. It is painful and if your partner does not like it, stop.

Sexual Compatibility

Similar Likes

The two of you need to be on the same page when you have sex. At this stage, it is prudent to state whether both of you like the kinky side of the relationship. If one is not bendy speak out. You cannot moan and fake it expecting the other person to read your mind. If you don’t want to get kinky, say so, in fact, the man or woman you are with, will be appreciative. Everyone wants a willing partner. That said, kinky does not always translate to sexually compatible relationships.

Communication is Key

To know if you are sexually compatible, talk about your desires with your partner. If you are shy, use the phone or show her/him physically. Sext the person if you want, that should give the two of you a feel for what the other wants to take it to a long term level. Communication in various ways says a lot about what you want to do and be in bed. You may be shy outside, but when you are together, all the shyness disappears.

If you haven’t even tried something, anything, even a kiss or oral sex, you probably don’t know what the other person wants.

So what does it mean to be sexually compatible anyway?

Change Positions

Being repetitive gets boring. After a while, neither may be keen on certain positions. If you want to enjoy sex, you have to be ready to be there for your partner and help her or him reach the pinnacle. If neither of you cum, understand the reason. Sexual compatibility does not mean that you orgasm all the time, though that also factors.

Sexually Compatible
A Good Cuddle

There comes a time in a relationship when neither partner is in the mood for sex. A good cuddle also suffices. This translates that the two are in a good place, sexually and emotionally and don’t need to go to fourth base all the time. A kiss or cuddle works without the mess or stress of oozing juices!

Some couples are very comfortable with each other, but their sexual compatibility sucks. The question is sexual compatibility important in a relationship comes into play. The answer is yes it does. Sex is very important in a relationship. It keeps two people on the edge ensuring commitment.

In a Nutshell

At the end of it all, when there is sexual compatibility between two consenting adults, cheating does not arise. The partner you are with excites you in more ways than one. Given that you can go anywhere and experience anything that is mutual, it makes a difference. In a nutshell, sexual compatibility is very essential in a relationship.



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