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Georgia Death Records: How to Find Death Records in Georgia?

by Charry A.

How to Find Death Records in Georgia, Georgia Death Records

How to Find Death Records in Georgia?

Every time the family of a deceased person is issued a death certificate in Georgia, it becomes an official death record. Death records are documents, which state a deceased person’s location and cause of death, date of death, date of birth, and name. Also, there are several reasons why a copy of this record can come in handy for the relatives of a dead person.

Several people need Georgia death records for reasons including settling estate issues, pension benefits, and even benefits related to life insurance. Such records could be also needed when a person is a widow and would wish to get married again and for applying for her marriage license in Georgia. However, all death records are not held at the state’s Department of Public Health. The department only maintains such records from 1919 to the present. So, in case you need to find an older record, get in touch with the local clerk of the courts in that county where the death took place.

Who can procure Death Records in Georgia?

Death records are typically regarded as public records in the United States. However, anyone and everyone cannot get copies of the death records of any person in the state of Georgia. There are guidelines on who can ask for such information. It means that only those people who have direct relationships with the deceased or a legal representative can have access to public death records Georgia.

Law enforcement personnel in the state who are involved in a case may need certain information can access the detail when they have concrete reasons.

How to Find Death Records in Georgia

How to Procure a copy of a Death Certificate in Georgia

If a person makes an attempt to get a copy of the death record, he/she will be asked to produce ID and evidence that they are the deceases person’s direct relative or a legal representative. When the requester cannot establish these facts, they will not be given a copy of this record.

There are several locations where an interested person can go to get a death certificate copy. However, the most commonplace to get one is from the Office of Vital Records in Georgia or any other relevant County office in the state. 

To get a copy of the death record in Georgia, the requestor has to furnish specific details:

  1. Name of the applicant
  2. Photo ID proof
  3. The stipulated fee a location charges
  4. Name of the dead person whose death certificate has to be procured
  5. The deceased person’s date of death and date of birth
  6. Contact details of the requester
  7. Place where the death took place

Georgia Death Records Online
When an applicant wishes to obtain a copy of the state death record in the local office of vital records, they have to select the county where the death took place. The state office is the only place that has all the records pertaining to all the counties in Georgia.

Requestors can also fill up Georgia death records online and then mail the same to the office of the state of Georgia. While the process can be lengthier this way, the applicant will still get a death certificate copy once they fill up all the necessary details and mail it. It is also possible to check the online death records of Georgia.

Every county in Georgia may have a different fee, so an applicant has to check the exact amount before making a request for a copy of a death record.

General information needed to request for a death record

Ideally, a requester needs to only produce:

  1. The stipulated fee(s)
  2. A properly filled up request form with the signature of the requestor that can be downloaded from online.
  3. One photocopy of the requester’s valid photo identification


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