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How to Get a Kentucky Driver's License

by Robert K.

Kentucky Drivers Training, Drivers Training Kentucky

Kentucky Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

To drive a motor vehicle, any individual has to pass a driver’s test and obtain a permit or license to prove that he or she is capable of maneuvring, commandeering and controlling the vehicle. Across the globe, most people apply for a driver’s license in their late teens. For the residents of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, the minimum age to apply for a driver’s license is sixteen.

The state of Kentucky witnesses some of the highest rates of vehicle crashes in the nation involving teenagers; with high numbers of fatalities. To reduce vehicular fatalities and ensure safety along motorways; the state has initiated various measures to enhance traffic safety.

Kentucky State Traffic School

The Kentucky State Traffic School has been initiated by the state with the primary goal of improving road safety and promoting responsible driving. It provides an educational program to instill a positive attitude towards safe and effective driving techniques. The traffic school encourages understanding and recognizing personal driving behaviors; resulting in fewer injuries and deaths caused by vehicular crashes.

Kentucky Drivers Training

The State Traffic School allows for both an online and direct classroom training and can be applied by first-time drivers as well as by those who have been referred to by the state police or have been convicted in hazardous driving violations. The classes are four hours long, and are taught the following:

  • Information about Kentucky state traffic laws
  • Correction of personal driving habits
  • Inculcating defensive driving habits
  • Occupant protection and pedestrian safety measures
  • Information about laws regarding driving under the influence
  • Training about effective highway driving

Graduateing fro the Driver Licensing Program

The Commonwealth of Kentucky has initiated the Graduated Driver Licensing Program to reduce teenage driving mishaps and accidents across the state. While teenage drivers make up only six percent of the total driving population; they are responsible for nearly one-fifth of fatal crashes each year. The Graduated Driver Licensing Program is required for drivers who obtain their driving permit at either sixteen or seventeen years of age; and uses six months - between the learner’s permit and the unrestricted driving license. During the intermediate period, drivers can drive on their own, but with the following restrictions:

  • Prohibition of driving between 12:00 am, and 6:00 am
  • Able to carry a single unrelated passenger below 20 years of age
Drivers Training Kentucky

The Graduated Driver Licensing Program requires the applicant to pass a written knowledge and vision test; passing which a distinctive “Under 21” permit will be issued. The aforementioned permit has the driver fulfill the following requirements:

  • A person above 21 holding a valid unrestricted driver’s license must accompany the applicant and be seated at the front passenger seat
  • The applicant has to complete the practice log, with a minimum of sixty hours logged for practice driving, of which ten must be completed during nighttime.
  • If the applicant is found guilty of a moving traffic violation, the applicant has to restart the six month waiting period.
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs are prohibited.

After holding the permit for 180 days, the applicant is required to pass a driving skills test administered by a Kentucky State Police examiner. A driver in possession of an intermediate driving license will need to apply for an unrestricted drivers license once he or she turns 18.


Kentucky has been creating a robust system for road safety and driver awareness with various training measures, for both budding novices as well as for those who have been convicted of driving infractions. Also, the state is committed to ensuring a safe and secure road transit system for vehicles as well as pedestrians.


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