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How to Get a Maine Driver's License

by Garry S.

Maine Drivers Training, Drivers Training Maine

Maine Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

Independence is not just a thought. It is a lifestyle. From the moment you start earning your living, you are introduced to this lifestyle. To be completely independent, one must stop depending on others to help with their tasks. It might be as simple as cooking and cleaning or even driving. The pleasure of driving is best known to the person who takes pride in knowing how to drive.

It is an age-old misconception that driving is more difficult than it looks. Driving requires a lot of calculations on speed. It is not entirely wrong and driving it no rocket science either. These calculations come naturally to human beings. What is important is confidence, practice, and a lot of training.

There are two types of training a person can undergo at a driving school, behind the wheel training and permit training. To obtain a driver’s license in Maine, the person has to be a current Maine resident, legal resident in the U.S or have a legal presence in the country. Adults who are over the age of 21 are not required to take a driver’s education course in the state of Maine. They are required to pass a driver knowledge examination that covers state laws and regulations. Maine law requires a 3 step graduated drivers licensing system for new drivers under 18.

Maine Drivers Training

Permit training in Maine

Learner’s permit: allows drivers to operate a motor vehicle under age-based restrictions to prepare for their driver's license road test. It allows the holder of the learner’s permit to practice driving under an experienced driver holding a license. A learner’s permit helps build confidence with constant training and improves the driving skill. Imposing the state driving rule at an early age avoids unlawful driving habits. The driver learns to be cautious and conscious of his or her actions.

To obtain the learner’s permit, the applicant must be at least 15 years of age and successfully completed the written driving examination. A vision test is required before issuing the learner’s permit. The learner’s permit is issued for 6 months. With this permit, teens may drive with a licensed driver with two years of experience. Teens are required to practice driving for at least 70 hours before they are allowed an intermediate license.

Drivers Training Maine

Behind the wheel training in Maine

Intermediate license: requires the applicant to have at least 70 hours of practice driving using learner’s permit. They must pass a ‘behind-the-wheel’ driving test and provide proof of practice. A person must hold the intermediate license for 270 days. In this time, the license holder is expected to practice driving abiding the rules and regulations of the state. With certain restrictions, an intermediate license holder is allowed to drive alone.

Most drivers are vulnerable to risk in the beginning. Behind the wheels training at both levels helps the driver to take control of the motor vehicle. It helps to understand the laws of driving better and reduces the risk with constant practice.

Standard license: is issued post 270 days of holding the intermediate license. A teenager who has held an intermediate license for 270 days is issued a provisional license for a year.

Purpose of a driver’s training in Maine

Driving is a skill which needs patience and practice. To develop this skill, one has to be given the right amount of training. Getting trained under a skilled and experienced trainer helps

  • Avoid bad driving habits
  • Reduces risk to self and others
  • Helps build confidence
  • Adhere to the rules and regulations

Learning the skills of driving makes you more confident and helps you become independent.


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