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How to Get a Michigan Driver's License

by Rick S.

Michigan Drivers Training, Drivers Training Michigan

Michigan Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

It is very common to feel anxious to see an adult drive. Almost every teenager starts to feel restless as they are close to the driving age. They feel more inclined to try driving. Restricting teenagers will lead to unsupervised and rash driving. Such behavior may cause harm to others. To avoid such circumstances, the State of Michigan has introduced an extensive training program for new applicants.

The student has to be at least 14 years and eight months to be a part of the segment one driver education program. The program requires the student to attend a minimum of 24 hours of instruction class. The student begins with the driving instructions after at least 4 hours of classroom instructions.  Like every driver's training, the student has to go through permit training and behind the wheel training to be eligible to receive a driver’s license.

Michigan Drivers Training

Behind the wheel training and permit training

A student has to receive at least 4 hours of on-the-road driving instructions. Since classroom and driving instructions are integrated and related, it is a must for a student to receive at least 4 hours of observation time while in the training vehicle.

A student must successfully complete the classroom and driving instruction portions of the course, and the written test to receive the certificate. Apart from that, the student has to accrue an additional 30 hours of behind the wheel supervised driving to be eligible to begin segment 2. Segment 2 provides in-depth and specific information about the best driving practices. A driver log must be submitted at segment two driver education before taking the driver skill test. The driving test will comprise of two parts. The first is the basic control skills test. The second is the on-road driving test. The student must have logged at least 50 hours behind the wheel training under supervised trainer before taking the skill test.

As teen's first year behind the wheel is critical, Michigan and other states across the country have adopted Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) laws for teen drivers. It is designed to teach teens to drive by gradually increasing their driving privileges. There are three licensing levels under GDL.

  • Level 1 License is a supervised learner's license
  • Level 2 License is  an intermediate license that limits passengers and unsupervised nighttime driving
  • Level 3 License is a full-privilege driver's license issued after a teen driver has successfully completed all previous instruction and driving requirements.
Drivers Training Michigan

Level 1 and level 2 license holders need to be accompanied by a licensed driver over 21 years of age. Without having either of the two levels of license, a person is not allowed to drive in the state of Michigan.

New drivers under Graduated Driver Licensing are placed on probation for a minimum of three years monitored by the Secretary of State. Probation is a separate program from GDL, and the objective of both programs is to help young drivers reduce their crash risk and drive safely. Probationary drivers must complete the last ten months of probation with no unsafe driving events. If an unsafe driving event occurs, the probationary period is extended until the driver completes ten consecutive months without an incident.

Benefits of driver’s training and probationary period

Driver’s training reaps several benefits to the student such as

  • It makes them a responsible driver
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Encourages safe driving /develops defensive driving techniques
  • The decrease in the number of accidents
  • Reduces traffic violations

When it comes to driving, the better your training is, the safer you will be. Michigan’s monitored probationary period post obtaining license paves the way to safe driving.


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