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Getting Over a Breakup – 10 tips

by Rachel M.

How to Get Over a Breakup, Getting Over a Breakup

Getting Over a Breakup – 10 tips

Break-ups are tough. There are no two ways about it. It doesn't matter if you're the person initiating the breakup or are on the receiving end – breaking up hurts both ways. When you spend a significant amount of time with a person, you get used to his/her presence. When you stop spending this time with them, you experience symptoms of withdrawal quite like an addict. The pain of heartbreak can be all-consuming. People jump into work, hit the bottle or have a spurt of one-night-stands in an attempt to distract themselves from this pain. However, these are quick fixes and do nothing to take care of the problem long-term. Here are ten ways you can definitively get over a breakup and move on with your life –

1. Severe all contact – Remove them from your social media, delete their number off your phone and stop going to places where you know you may chance upon them. Give your heart some time to heal. You may want to re-establish contact after you've recovered but for the time being, it is important to sever any contact with your ex. 

2. Grieve – Grieving is natural after a relationship has ended. It is healthy. Process the fact of your break up and cry all the tears you need.

3. Remind yourself of all the compromises you had to make – There may have been instances in your relationship when you went along with your partner in order to avoid conflict but didn’t really want the same things. Recall these compromises you made and tell yourself that you did all you could to keep the relationship afloat.

How to Get Over a Breakup

4. Don’t detach from people – Sure, you may not feel like going out about town with your friends immediately after a breakup, but don't push them away. In fact, reach out to them for their love and support.

5. Don’t mull over the reason things ended – Face the reality – your relationship has ended and no amount of thinking over why it ended will revive it. So just let it go.

6. Realize the power of your own thoughts – Whenever you feel your thoughts sliding to a negative place, think of positive things that you know will uplift your mood.

7. Be honest with yourself – You can’t keep lying to yourself telling yourself that things might have turned out a different way had you behaved differently. If the relationship had to end, it would and nothing you could possibly do could change this.

Getting Over a Breakup
8. Busy yourself in activities you enjoy – The hurt from a break up can keep you from enjoying the activities you formerly derived pleasure from – don’t let it. They may feel like a routine at first but if you keep doing them, you’ll soon start enjoying them back again.

9. Make an effort to meet new people – You don’t have to jump back into the dating game, but it doesn’t hurt to interact with fresh faces. Dress up, go out and have fun. You will gradually feel your self-esteem crawling back to you.

10. Don’t reminisce – Nothing is more detrimental to a person recovering from a break up than thinking about their broken relationship fondly. You will find love again but you need to put in your share of effort. Nostalgia about your broken relationship will only make you upset.


Breaking up hurts equally for men and women. They have their own separate ways of dealing with it. These ten tips commonly apply to members of both sexes trying to get over the hurt of a breakup.
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