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How to Get a South Dakota Driver's License

by Peggy B.

South Dakota Drivers Training, Drivers Training South Dakota

South Dakota Drivers Training: Behind the Wheel Training and Permit Training

Are you a citizen of South Dakota or just a resident of South Dakota and wish to drive on SD roads. You must have to obtain a driving license. Every state follows a different set of rules to permit a license and follows an exam pattern to test the driving skills. Also, any candidate must have completed a minimum of 14 years of age to obtain the first permit.

However, SD does not issue the license to few people like people below 14 are not eligible, illegal resident in the US are not available, also, whose license is temporarily suspended. Moreover, those who are under 18 years and above 14 years must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Also, people who have other states license yet wish to stay in SD must have SD license within 90 days.

South Dakota Drivers Training

Know more about the behind-the-wheel training

Behind-the-wheel is nothing but driving instruction. To encourage a vehicle on SD roads, one must know how to operate them. Getting proper education on the driving techniques, following the rules and signs are part of the driver education. One can follow the Driver’s Education through the Graduated Drivers Licensing Process.

For obtaining Drivers Education, it is not necessary to have a license permit. However, if you wish to have a license permit above 14 years of age, one must have passed the written exam and vision test. Moreover, the written test will be waived off if you have finished the Drivers Education course before applying for the license permit.

Driver’s Education courses teach driving law and regulations, traffic signals and road safety, moving violations, alcohol influence driving. Also, Driver's Ed explains driving skills, techniques and how to operate the vehicle.

South Dakota driving license

Once you are done with Driver's Ed, you are ready to apply for the license to drive on the roads. However, one must have learners permit or instructions permit for new drivers below 18 years of age. Also, they are restricted to drive only between ­­­6 a.m to 10 p.m. and are under the supervision of the parent or legal guardian.

For a teenager who has the license permit and looking forward to a full operated driving license must pass through the intermediate stage. Restricted Minor’s permit stage, a person must have attained 16 years of age and complete instruction permit. Also, they must clear the driving skill test or signed the Driver's Education course completion certificate. This permit will be valid for only five years.

Drivers Training South Dakota

Finally, to obtain Operator's License one must have completed 16 years of age had no traffic convictions and set of proofs and documents. Also, must have passed a driving skill test or must have signed the Driver's Education course certificate. If you fail to upgrade your Restrict minor permit then when you attain 18 years it will be automatically converted to Operator’s License. It is not mandatory to improve your Restricted Minor grant to Operator's License by visiting at DPS office. You can also do it by mail.

  • Tests
  • A photograph will be taken before the completion of the test
  • Vision test

It includes wearing your contact lenses or eyeglasses while driving. If you fail to pass the vision test, then the candidate must present a statement stating that the candidate can operate safely from an Ophthalmologist.

  • Knowledge test
  • A test consisting of the road rules, traffic signal rules, and safe driving must be passed
  • Driving test

The candidate will have the opportunity to demonstrate his skills by driving. It consists of traditional driving skills.

Safety is first while driving on the roads. Hence, South Dakota State took precautions and applied a few conditions to obtain the license. Also, it set some rules to follow them strictly. If anyone found denying the regulations are given the tickets, and necessary actions were taken. Drive safely for happy living.


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