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How to Ignore People You Don't Like?

by Rhon A.

How to Ignore People You Don't Like, Ignore People You Don't Like

The Best Tips for Ignoring People You Don't Like

Whether it's at school, the workplace, the pub, or your own home, the world keeps pumping out people you'll eventually learn to hate. Sometimes two people don't click. Sometimes there's a reason. What's broken isn't always worth fixing, and you should learn to ignore people you don't jive with and live a positive life with people you can count on.

None of these tips are excuses for treating the person with contempt or derision and are instead ways to minimize contact as much as possible instead.

Here are some of the best ways to ignore people you don't like.

Pretend you're busy

You're at school or the workplace. You see someone heading towards you that you want nothing to do with. What do you do? Any professional conflict avoider knows that pretending to be busy prevents others from attempting to talk with you. Busy your face into a book or computer and strain your eyes always as you do so.

How to Ignore People You Don't Like

Keep a firm grumpy face filled with all the dissatisfaction in the world and any decent person will not want to bother you and slink away. But this is only a short-lived victory.

Use other people towards your goals

Sometimes you might catch the person's eye and let out an obligatory smile. They approach you. What then?

Simply make an excuse to walk away as rapidly as possible. Have other people hold off the unwanted individual or communicate with the person anything you want to be known.

If you're forced to interact with someone, you can always pass along messages through other people and if you're socially adept enough you can convince them you didn't want to be a bother and were being mindful of their time.

Proxy communication

Communicating through text, like SMS, and email lets you minimize your face to face contact and lets you pretend you have indeed communicated with them.

As long as you keep your communication curt, formal and polite, you have nothing to worry about. This lets them know you aren't interested in engaging any further.

Keep a strong mental frame

You might be ignoring the other person because they're toxic and negative. These kinds of people will resort to provoking you in some manner to get you to talk to them. What's important is to take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and simply walk away.

If you have nothing constructive or positive to talk about, there's no need to talk. Never be rude, always be classy and polite when you ignore the other person.

Engaging in further negative interactions might make the other person want to "get even" with you and drag you into another fight. Take the higher ground to resolve this. Skitter out of situations you don't want to be in, understand their schedule to ignore them and simply be a class act while you ignore them.

Ignore People You Don't Like

Don't focus on ignoring them, focus on keeping busy instead

Ignoring a person but thinking about them all the time is simply giving them free real estate in your head while you suffer. Stop thinking about them. Devote your time to people and activities you like.

If you have free time, simply get a nap in or exercise instead. By conspicuously ignoring this person, you want to reduce the impact they have on your life, not dwell on them even though you've ignored them.

Give yourself closure in whatever you want to successfully ignore them. If your interactions are too toxic with them to find any reasonable closure, then remind yourself that ignoring them is the right answer.


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