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How to Opt-Out of and Get Your information Removed from Website?

by Rhon A. Opt-Out, How to Opt-Out of

How to Opt-out of and Get your information removed from is a website that lets you search for the information of people, letting you get access to background checks of individuals, their criminal record, contact information, and employment history among others. You will only find the public records of people you search for. operates under the laws of the Freedom of Information Act (FOLA), which states that all public records should be made available to people who request them.

In this regard, does not sell your information. Rather, it composites data that is already present on the internet. Data is sourced from many places and presented to you in a singular format.
The site uses algorithms that pull data from all over the internet, and you are finally presented with the following background information:

  • Personal information: The full legal name of the person, their date of birth, and the names of their relatives and associates.
  • Sex offenders: Whether the individual is in proximity to sex offenders
  • Social media information: You can access the individual's social media handles if their accounts are public. This includes their profiles on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media.
  • Financial information: All the financial information relating to the individual, including their eviction notices, foreclosures, bankruptcy information, tax liens, judgments, and other pertinent information.
  • Contact information: This includes the individual's past and present phone numbers, their previous and current email ids, all their known locations, whether it be past or present, their possible neighbors, and their full address
  • Licenses: Professional licenses of the individual, their driving license, and their weapons and hunting permit.

How it works

You begin using by entering a requested person's first name and last name along with their state. While searching for potential matches, the site will prompt you with questions about their relatives, their last known addresses, their marital status, and their age bracket among others. Once you answer these questions, you will receive a list of potential matches.

Once you select the name of the person whose details you want to see, you will have to pay an amount to access their full records. The subscription rates include $27.78 per month or $46.04 for two months. Additionally, you can also opt for a five-day membership for $1. If you do not cancel your membership within five days, you will be enrolled automatically into their monthly subscription program.

Remove your information

You can remove your information from by contacting customer support online, by mail, or by phoning them.


Removing your information from online is the fastest and easiest method of ensuring your privacy. Go to and fill in your personal information Opt-Out
From the list of records that appear, find the one that matches your details and click on "Remove this Record."

How to Opt-Out of
Enter your email id as support.
Removing your details takes about 48 hours. Once your details are deleted, will send you a confirmation email.

How Do You Opt Out on Truth Finder

By mail

Send a mail to the following address:

TruthFinder, Suite 473. 2534 State Street, San Diego 92101, California

Include your personal information such as your legal name, address, date of birth, and email id. Remember to keep your information accurate to the details found on the website to negate the possibility of the removal of another account. You will receive a confirmation email once your account has been deleted.

Through phone

You can remove your information through phone by contacting the TruthFinder Member Care Team at (800) 699-8081. provide them your details such as your name, age, address, and any other information pertinent to your record. Remember to keep your information as accurate as of the details on the website, regardless of its accuracy.


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