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12 Helpful Tips for Overcoming Self-Doubt

by Keren P.

Self Doubt, How to Overcome Self Doubt

How to Overcome Self Doubt
Self Doubt is a Serious Obstable Many People Live with! Here is How to Tackle it and Live a Better Life!

Even the geniuses of the world have had their moments of self-doubt. The trigger that causes one to doubt one’s strengths might be different but what matters is how well the situation is handled. If you allow self-doubt to get the better of you, it will shatter your confidence and take a toll on your self-esteem. Therefore, here are some tips to help you overcome self-doubt, effectively-

1. Stop yearning for validation

The moment you start waiting for others to acknowledge your efforts, you start paving the way for self-doubt. Do not
worry too much about others’ opinions about you all the time. It is not possible to please everyone around you.

2. Learn to be compassionate- to yourself

While most people practice compassion to fellow human beings, compassion on oneself should never be ignored. Be gentle on yourself and forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made.

Self Doubt

3. No one understands you better than yourself

Therefore it is important to start looking deep into yourself. Know your strengths and weaknesses. Embrace your weaknesses and try to overcome them with your strengths. Knowing your strengths would help you stop doubting yourself.

4. Follow a hobby

Everyone needs an effective distraction in life. Having a hobby and following it would push you towards allotting some ‘me’ time for yourself every single day. This would help you fight negative thoughts.

5. Be creative

Being creative doesn’t mean that you should be able to create art that sells for millions of dollars. It could be the simplest things like say a small paper craft. Some prefer doodling and some love to paint or write to let their creative juices flow. When you create something, no matter how small it is, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. This can boost your self-esteem.

How to Overcome Self Doubt

6. Have realistic goals

You should define your goals. Having goals will give you a direction in life. But when you set unrealistic goals, not achieving it might lead to self-doubt. Therefore, set small short term goals along with your long term goals. Make sure that these are practical. Achieving them would lift your spirits.

7. Disconnect from negativities

Negativities could come in the form of negative thoughts or even negative people. Stay away from all of these that are likely to pull you down. Constructive criticisms are good. But you also need people who motivate you rather than the ones who constantly criticize you or discourage you. When you are with such negative people you start blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong.

8. Stop comparing

Comparison is the number one vice that leads to self-doubt. Competition, a healthy one, is good. But the comparison is a major cause for self-doubt. When you compare yourself with others, it is difficult to feel grateful for what you have.

Self Doubt Tips

9. Fight your fears by facing them

Sometimes doubts arise from the fear of the unknown. There might be fears that crop out of your past experiences and there are those that are inherent. Jot down all your fears, small and big. Try to overcome them one by one, by actually facing your fears. This helps you overcome your self-doubt.

10. Do not overthink

When you try to think too much and control every situation you are in for a disappointment. Thinking too much might actually shroud your clarity. This is when things go wrong and you end up doubting yourself. Be clear about your intentions and know when to be flexible. It is alright to make mistakes. In most of the situations you face daily there are other people involved and external factors that influence.


11. Look back at your past

Many times, self-doubt creeps in and makes us think about the worst case scenario, no matter how much such scenarios are impossible. When you get that old feeling like something is about to go wrong when you are about to start something, look back at your past and be objective: how many times did the things you imagined actually happen? How many scenarios where you doubted yourself actually came true? In most cases, you will see that your self-doubt was on called for, and you should keep that in mind when such feelings start taking over you.

12. Share your thoughts and feelings

One of the best things to do with negative thoughts, like self-doubt, is to share them with other people who can help you burst the negativity bubble. So, when you are feeling doubtful of yourself, turn to people you trust, and share your thoughts and feelings. Talking about what is bothering you can help you relieve the stress, and often times, people you speak with will have an objective point of you that will help you put things in perspective.

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