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How to Retrieve My Apple ID

by Peggy B.

Apple ID, How to Retrieve Apple ID Password

How to Retrieve My Apple ID

The modern day smartphone user has numerous accounts on multiple online portals such as social media services, email, online retail stores, and other services. Logging into these Internet-based services requires a login ID and password. Needless to say, remembering the account details of all of these accounts can be a difficult task. Added to this, noting down the login credentials is never a good idea from the security point of view.

In case a certain user has forgotten their login ID and password, there are secure methods of retrieval or alternate methods of accessing accounts with proper verification. For those using Apple products, forgetting your Apple ID and password can be especially troublesome due to the interconnected nature of Apple devices. There is no reason for Apple users to panic as there are multiple ways of retrieving their Apple ID and password. One can use any of the Apple devices such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch or Mac to start the process. One can even use non-Apple devices as long as they are connected to the internet and have an operational web-browser.

Apple ID

Recovery through Apple devices

If the user has forgotten their Apple ID, then they can easily retrieve it using their iPhones, Macs or other Apple devices. Mentioned below is an easy to follow guide for retrieving Apple ID using Apple devices.

  • The users need to open up the settings application and select the iCloud option.
  • The email address which is present at the top of the iCloud settings screen needs to be tapped.
  • Under the text input bar, there is an option which says “Forgot Apple ID or Password?” upon tapping that, the user is presented with two options. If the user remembers the Apple ID then they can enter their ID and tap on “Next” to being the retrieval process. If the user has forgotten the ID as well as the password then they can enter their name and the email address to recover their login ID which can be used to recover the password by following the above step.
  • After tapping “Next” the user is asked certain security questions for verification and certain instructions which appear on the screen are to be followed. Subsequently, the user is presented with the option of resetting their Apple account’s password.

Retrieving Apple account through the online portal

Users can also go the official Apple ID website for retrieving the access to their accounts. It can be done from any device with a web browser or a connection to the internet. Users can go to the Apple ID website and click on the option “Manage your Apple ID” and select “Reset your password.” Users can then enter the email ID which is linked to the account and can answer the subsequent security questions in order to complete the process of resetting the password.

Forgot Apple ID

Another method involves going to the Apple iForgot website and filling out the details that are given on the form. The user needs to fill in their first and last name which is linked to the Apple ID, the current email address and any previous email IDs that have been associated with this account. Once again, the user is presented with certain security questions, which when answered correctly allows them to reset their password.

In case the user is completely stuck and is unable to find any means of accessing the account, they can contact the Apple customer care directly and inquire about the account. After the relevant verification processes, the user is given assistance with regaining control over their account.


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