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How to Find People Online: The Full Guide

by Garry S.

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Online People Search: Here is How it is Done

What would we do without the internet? Luckily, in this day and age, we don't have to think about this question because the World Wide Web is all around. Aside from online shopping, looking up delicious recipes and watching cat videos on YouTube, you can use the internet for plenty of other reasons, such a people search. If you want to track down a certain person online, whether it's a friend, a relative or a love interest, here is how you can do it whenever you want:

1. Google

What else? The world's biggest and quickest search engine is the go-to place for a people search. You can use Google to find people by using several methods, the first one being typing in the name of the person you are searching for. Once you see the millions of results, you can turn to other search methods, such as Google image search. This search method allows you to upload a photo of the person you are searching for and search for information about them. If the results come up empty, or you don't have any photos of the person you are searching for, you can try the next online people search methods.

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2. Facebook

What else? – Part two. The social media giant can help you track down people by typing in their name into the search field. To make the search narrower, you can use other parameters on Facebook to search for people online. You can filter the results by entering a person's education, residence, age, and other characteristics that can help you track down people.

3. Google phone number search

Another way that Google can help you find people is by using their phone number. If you have the phone number of a certain person you are searching for, you can enter it to the search engine's search directory, and hit "search." While names can produce many results, phone numbers are unique so that you can find people online more easily.

4. Public records

Out of all the search methods we mentioned so far, public records are the most reliable source of data. Why? Because social media websites and outlets are, let's say artistic, meaning people interpret them in different ways. While some people provide the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth, others use social media as a canvas for lies. So, the chances of finding accurate information are slimmer with social media and other similar sites. Public records, on the other hand, are written and documented by official authorities, so they are a 100% accurate. To search for people online, you can contact courts, vital records offices, and local law enforcement agencies to track down the person/people you want to find.

Reverse Phone Lookup

5. Free public records websites

Searching for public records by yourself means that you will need to file a request for each search, pay for each search and wait for several days to get the information you need. If you want to save yourself valuable time and resources, you can use a free people search website that can search public records for you. To find the person you are searching for, you will need to enter their name, or other personal information about them, into the free public records directory, and you will receive results within minutes. However, you should know that there are a lot of free public records websites that can't provide you with all the data found in public records. Why? Because they lack the financial resources to tap into such information. As a result, you online people search can come up empty.

6. Reverse phone lookup websites

This is another term for public records websites that charge users for fees, but guarantee results. Unlike free public records websites, reverse lookup sites, like GoLookUp, have access to all the public records in the country, so all you have to do is enter the name of a person, kick back, and wait for the results. To run an online people search with GoLookUp, you can use one of the website's quick directories, like the name-based people search, a reverse phone lookup, a reverse address lookup, and an email lookup.

Find People Online
What happens if you don't have up to date information? If you have an old phone number, an old home address or an old email, you can still find the person you are searching for on GoLookUp. The search engine on the websites scans millions of public records that are registered under the number/address/email address you entered, and it provides a report within minutes about that data. So, you will be able to find current information even if you entered old data.

An online people search can be quick and easy when you use the right tools, and the choice of which people search method is up to you.

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