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Twitch Bits Explained: Learn How to Make Money with Twitch

by Kelly B.

Twitch Bits, How to Set Up Donations on Twitch

How to Set Up Donations on Twitch

Additional income can be enjoyed when viewers donate money during Twitch streaming. Setting up this donation system can be a complicated affair. It is more than the standard "Donate" button on the specific Twitch user profile. A donation can be given by using features like Twitch's first party cheers or bits system. Many companies offer similar outcome third-party systems.

Twitch Bits

The official donation system of Twitch is the Bits or cheers system. These are complicated systems and exclusively enjoyed by Twitch Partners and Affiliates. Bits are a kind of digital currency which are directly purchased from Twitch. The payment is done with the real-world money.

The user can make use of Amazon Payments in this context. The bits could then be utilized from within a chat box of a Twitch stream to initiate a special visual alert onscreen along with audio. Users can earn rewards for using their bits. These take the form of special badges that gets displayed along with their names in that stream's chat. Higher bit usage equals more top-ranked badges earned. The streamer of the Twitch enjoys an earning of one dollar for every 100 bits that are used during the stream.

Twitch Bits

To set up donations on Twitch through Twitch Bits, navigate to the dashboard and open the "Partner Settings" tab. Locate the settings group on the "Cheers" page. Click the "Enable Cheering with Bits". Your viewers can now utilize their bits in the channel simply by typing the "cheer" word along with the number of bits they want to use.

PayPal donations

PayPal can be used to accept donations made on Twitch. Streamers can request viewers to send money using the specific email address linked with their personal PayPal account. The easier method is to set up any link. This makes the full process much easier for any viewer thanks to its simple interface and clean design. A number of effective methods are available for use on the PayPal.I address to receive the Twitch donations.


To get PayPal donations, you have to mention the complete address during the stream. Navigate to the chat box of the channel and post the link within the channel. This arrangement will not only attract viewer attention but will also be much more effective due to the clickable link positioned inside the chat. You then add the donation section to the Twitch Channel page. This can be done by navigating to the channel and clicking on "Edit Panels" switch. Click the huge + symbol and fill in "Description" and the "Panel Title" fields. Add the link to the description. Type a short message to viewers explaining why they should donate.

PayPal Donate Button


Receiving payment into the cryptocurrency wallet is simple. To do this, open your preferred cryptocurrency wallet app. Click the "Receive" link or button. Every wallet has this option. The address of the wallet will be a line of random letters and numbers. Tap and copy it to the clipboard of your device. Make a donation section inside your donation page as explained in PayPal donations. Paste the wallet address into "Description" field. Do not forget to mention the cryptocurrency name which will be used in this particular wallet address. A user cannot send Bitcoin to an Ethereum wallet. It is thus extremely important to correctly label this address.

It is a fairly common practice to accept tips or donations on Twitch. It is not a matter of censure by either viewers or streamers. It is one of the many smaller ways of earning revenues. Once any streamer gains extra followers and transforms into a Twitch Partner or affiliate, it is vital to learn all about Twitch subscriptions. Higher quantum of money can be earned via subscriptions.


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