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Con Artist Definition and How to Avoid a Con Artist

by Eddie V.

Con Artist, Con Artist Definition, Con Artist Synonym

Con Artist Definition and How to Avoid a Con Artist

For centuries, there have been people who have been taking advantage of others to steal their money and take advantage of them; con man, hustler, crook – no matter what con artist synonym you use, the meaning is the same. Unfortunately, con artists are here to stay, and it is up to us to avoid them. The smooth nature of cons makes it easier for them to gain people's trust, but with the following con artists warning signals, you will be able to avoid even the biggest crooks.

Con Artist Definition

According to the English Cambridge dictionary, the definition of con artists is "a person who deceives other people by making them believe something false or making them give money away". This con artist definition pretty much sums up what con artists are all about – their end game in most cases is to take people's money by convincing them it's in their best interest. In the 21st century, where people give out their personal and banking information, it's easier than ever to steal people's money. To avoid online and real live cons, learn how to spot a con artist who may deceive you.

Con Artist

They’re Charming

One of the most obvious signs of cons is their magnetic charm that can pull people into their web. This charm is used in social situations when con artists want to convince people to trust them. Cons use their charm in the long run to build confidence and a relationship with their victims. Once people trust a con man, that is when he makes his move and shows his true intentions. So, if you meet a charmer that sweeps you off your feet, make sure to leave one foot on the ground and not do everything they ask of you. They may be grooming you for something bigger.

They know what you need and offer it to you

One other quality that cons boast is reading people, and finding out their needs, even if they have not expressed them explicitly. So, they will know what you need by reading your body language and listening to the hints between the lines. Once they find out what you want, they will do their best to give it to you. Whether it's attention, love, or a shoulder to cry on, a con man will provide you with what you need in abundance. Once you feel satisfied and confident, the crook will ask you for what they want, which is usually money. A lot of victims give cons what they want because they feel they owe them for everything the cons did for them. So, be careful with people who seem to be at your back and call without you asking, and do not feel obligated to give money to anyone you don't want to.

Con Artist Definition

They make big claims about themselves

A good con artist will have a great back story to support their persona. The average crook will make himself look bigger and better than what he is with outlandish stories about their past. Con men will say they went to a prestigious school, that they have a successful business, and that they reached achievements that will make you envy them. These stories are intended to gain your trust and make you believe that the con is someone you want to have in your life. As time goes by, the con will start saying he fell on hard times, or that he wants to help you be as successful as him by offering you some very tempting business and money opportunities.

Their stories will have contradictions

One known tactic of con artists is constant contradictions in their stories. In normal circumstances, you will question a person who says one thing and then says the opposite, but not with cons; they know how to contradict themselves professionally, so the only person you will end up doubting is yourself. This sneaky method is intended to keep you off your game and make you question yourself.

Con Artist Synonym

They will offer you money under the condition that…

One easy trick that crooks use to con people out of money is to ask them for their account information so they will get money out of the blue. Cons tell people they won award money, that someone named them in their will, that their insurance carrier needs their updated account data, and other crazy stories. The reasons will sound convincing, and most people will not turn down easy money. However, you should never give out your banking and account information to people/companies you do not know. If you need to change your data in insurance companies or other places, you should be the one to contact them.

If you think that a person you know may be a con artist, you should run a background check on them using a professional service, like GoLookUp. By entering the name of the person you are searching into GoLookUp's directory, you will be able to view valuable information about the person you are searching; you will find out their real name, if they have a criminal record, arrest records they may have, cons they performed, and other important data you should know about the people in your life. In either case, you need to protect yourself from people you don't know and always trust your instincts. Always be careful, and notice signs that may prove a certain person in your life doesn't have the best intentions.  



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