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How To Start A Podcast of Your Very Own!

by Garry S.

How to Start a Podcast, How to Make a Podcast

How to Make a Podcast 

A podcast is another platform that helps you make a mark as a content producer. There are many who believe that podcast is easier to pull off, but reality couldn't be farther than that. Though podcast concerns only audio and there is no video, it is still difficult to make podcast worthy of an audience. You can make a podcast for GooglePlay, Spotify, Sticher, iTunes, Soundcloud, and iHeart Radio. The podcast is popular among listeners as it lets you carry on with your normal functioning of driving to work, cooking, doing laundry, etc., it asks for no extra bit of attention. Like an audiobook, they are an exciting and fun way of getting informed about newer things. Needless to say, the content that you present through your podcast will determine how people take it.

There are a few things that you need to keep handy for making a podcast. They are

Microphone – It will help you record the podcast. A good quality microphone makes the voice sound much clearer.

Audio interface – In case you want to record directly to the computer.

Computer – To edit your podcast. Make sure all your equipment are supported by the computer you use.

Editing software – Having the right software can make or break your podcast. Digital Audio Workstation. You can also use free access software.

Pop filters – It helps clear voice quality. The voice through podcast comes out crisp and strong.

How to Start a Podcast

It will be of great help to have an idea of workflow. Plan it out and also make a schedule. You can start by

  1. Idea and Structure – Once you have an idea as to what you want to focus your podcast on, start developing a structure on your idea. Add all elements that can increase the number of your audiences. Also, do enough research on what your target audience likes to listen to. You can also ask them for suggestions. Having a good idea about what to feature for your podcast will help you strategize it much better.
  2. Editing – Use all the equipment you have gathered to record your podcast. After the recording is done, another important task is to edit the podcast well enough to improve its audio quality. Software like editing tools helps greatly in this aspect.
  3. Publishing a podcast – Once you start publishing a podcast, keep ready a few podcasts. Do not prepare too many podcasts, but just a few. Select your distribution and hosting services well. Some of the best such services that are available are Anchor where you can create as well as distribute your podcast. Shutengine is also a good service. iTunes one of the best services on offer.

To make people aware of your podcast, do give social media the attention it deserves. Promote your podcast on social media. Instagram and Twitter, YouTube videos are great platforms to promote your podcast. You can even introduce, have regular mention of your podcast on your blog.

  1. Podcast chapters – Your audience will surely enjoy podcast chapters. The best thing about the podcast chapters is the fact that it lets your audience choose what they want to listen to. They can skip any part if they choose and jump on to a section they enjoy more. It gives them full control over what they want to listen to.
  2. Duration – Depending on the content of your podcast, decide on how much longer the podcast needs to be. It can range from only 15 minutes to even an hour. The average podcast duration that audiences find most acceptable is around 20 minutes.
How to Make a Podcast

Apart from these keep in mind to give apt titles to your podcast. It increases the chances of being heard. Release podcast at an approximately fixed frequency. Now that you know how to start a podcast of your own, start recording. Good luck!


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