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How to Stop Procrastinating

by Jessica V.

How to Stop Procrastinating, Stop Procrastinating

How to Stop Procrastinating?

Many people have started realizing the fact that humans who manage to stop procrastinating can get more work done. At the same time, it is also true that a majority of people, who simply work to get their work done, organize and clean their houses and stuff like that, tend to avoid doing things and keep postponing them. However, though the desire to procrastinate may be very strong, you should not allow it to control you and your life. Stopping procrastinating is possible by inculcating certain new habits as well as embracing some small changes in your perspectives. Follow these simple tips to avoid the habit of procrastinating:

 Stop Procrastinating

1. Make sure to complete the simple tasks now

Incidents such as when a student needs to study, he or she becomes extremely enthusiastic about cleaning a room; it is a cliché. However, such a cliché can become a big problem at times. It is likely to happen when you are at work or not organizing or cleaning your home on a regular basis. Such a habit may be regarded as handling procrastination at the lowest level. Almost no willpower is required to open your mailbox, read your emails, and then delete your junk emails daily. If you make it a daily habit, you will never have to face the issue of a huge pile of emails waiting to be sorted out rather than spending that time in some more important and productive work.

2. You can permit yourself to procrastinate in a productive manner

It is alright to allow yourself to delay things up to a certain point if you are doing it to complete some other important task. When you have to complete reading a lesson for one of your classes and write your assignments for another class, and you do not feel like writing, there is no problem when you do the reading now. Of course, having said so, it does not mean that you will avoid writing that paper altogether. It simply means that you are allowing some space to include an element of flexibility while ensuring that you get the required time for doing so without getting delayed. At the same time, such a trick is not meant for everybody. While some people may find it useful, others may not be comfortable with it. In order to be on the safer side, restrict your flexibility to the tasks that fall within a similar category.

How to Stop Procrastinating

3. Practice a routine

You can stop wasting your time if you know well what you need to do on a daily basis and ascertaining the sequence in which to do that. Developing a routine and sticking to it will take plenty of guesswork and uncertainties out of a person’s life. Such a practice also keeps routine tasks such as making your lunch and cleaning from delaying your routine of doing more important tasks. When you follow a weekly routine or a daily routine religiously, you will have fewer nonessential options to make on a day. Plus, there will be less likelihood of procrastinating or avoiding the completion of tasks.

4 Motivate by giving rewards to yourself

Keep yourself motivated by giving yourself rewards every time you work on a task that you would have otherwise avoided. In case you want to do this in a mature way, use different ways to reward yourself. An interesting way to do this will be promising yourself that when you work for X number of hours in a day, you are entitled to get engaged in some kind of a fun activity or can relax for some time. Another innovative way to reward yourself can be having alternate rounds of work and fun to keep your enthusiasm intact.s


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