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How to Take a Professional Photo with your iPhone

by Roni G.

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How to Take a Professional Photo with your iPhone

The iPhone camera is among the best in the market with great hardware and software. It is also incredibly easy to use. You can use your iPhone to take professional quality photos with the help of a few tricks here and there and a little bit of practice. Here’s an informative guide that will allow you to take professional looking photos with your iPhone in no time –

  • Find out about the features of your iPhone camera – All it takes is a quick Google search or a lookover your iPhone user manual. It helps to know what your camera is capable of before you start taking those photos.
  • Make use of the camera shortcut on your iPhone – Many phone photographers fail to take their desired shots of blink-and-miss subjects as they have to struggle with unlocking their device, finding the camera app and waiting for it to open. If you have an iPhone however, this time taken is significantly minimized as all you have to do is swipe up on the camera shortcut from your lock screen.
  • Configure the camera settings – Head over to the Settings icon and select Photos & Camera. Then enable the Grid option so you can take photos according to the “rule of thirds”. The grid on your viewfinder will allow you to click more balanced shots. You may also choose to enable Auto HDR for more crisp photos and eliminate washed out shots by disabling the camera flash.
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  • Install third-party camera apps – Doing so will let you avail manual mode options on your iPhone camera like ISO, white balance, shutter speed, and exposure. In turn, you will be able to take much clearer photos than it was possible with just the regular camera app.
  • Adjust the focus and exposure – iPhones come with a tap to focus feature which is great but not foolproof. Instead, adjust the focus and exposure by tapping and holding the camera screen. Manipulating the exposure by sliding down and up the yellow box will help you shoot dark subjects and better photos where there is a lack of light.
  • Use the various shooting modes – The Apple iPhone camera provides a range of shooting modes from panorama to square. Frame your picture better by choosing the appropriate mode.
  • Avoid the use of digital zoom – Only the Apple iPhone 7 Plus comes with an optical zoom. All the other models rely on a digital zoom. The digital zoom stretches the pixels in your photo and negatively affects the overall photo quality. So, instead of relying on the digital zoom for close-ups, move closer to the subject you intend to shoot.
  • Use Burst mode for moving subjects – Using Burst mode for moving subjects will give you a range of photos to choose from as also increase your probability of capturing a clear shot. You can also choose this mode to take better photos when your phone itself is mobile.
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  • Click your photos in RAW mode – If you’re knowledgeable about SLR photography in general, you can utilize the RAW mode to get detailed photographs that you can then manipulate before turning it into a JPEG image.
  • Minimize camera shake by using the volume up button to capture photos – You can use the volume up button when your camera app is opened to click photos. It will save you from the camera shake that often occurs while tapping the digital shutter button.

These tips provided above should aid you in capturing professional quality photos using your Apple iPhone.


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