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How to Use BitMoji: Review of BitMoji and Best Tips for BitMoji!

by Roni G.

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Bitmoji Review: How to Use the Fun App!

The Bitmoji app allows you to create a cartoon version of yourself and share it with people over various social media platforms. You can install it from the App Store and use it on your iPhone and iPad or similarly download it from the Google Play store and use it on your Android device. Once you pick your cartoon avatar or Bitmoji, you can go on to customize its hairstyle, body build, clothing, eyes, nose and so on. All of the above can be done from the Avatar Builder. The clothes and background can be changed in the Outfits tab.

Bitmoji is essentially a keyboard app, and before you can use it you'll have to enable it on your phone. How do you do this? Well, you go to Settings, then select General and go to the Keyboard option. From the Keyboard option, you choose Keyboards and Add New Keyboard. Then you select Bitmoji and under Bitmoji pick Enable Full Access and choose Allow. That’s it. You’re good to go!

Now that we have a hang of how to use Bitmoji, we will take a look at how we can use it on different websites and apps.


How to Use Bitmoji on Snapchat

The best Bitmoji experience to be enjoyed anywhere in social media is available on Snapchat since Snapchat now owns the app. When you use Bitmoji on Snapchat, you also get to use “Friendmoji," i.e. Bitmoji combos with your friends. The only thing you need to do to use Bitmoji on Snapchat is to click on the Bitmoji button located under the text box on the far right side, select the sticker you want to send and voila!

How to Use Bitmoji iMessage

iPhone users can send Bitmoji via iMessage. You can simply send it as a sticker today all thanks to the app extension. If your Messages have sticker packs automatically enabled, there’s not much else to do. Otherwise, you will have to turn on Bitmoji stickers first. In order to do this, you'll have to first go to Messages from your home screen. Next, you’ll have to press the Show More button, then tap on the Apps button after which you’ll need to go to the Apps Browser button and tap on Store. After you’ve done the above, you must select the Manage tab and drag Bitmoji to On. Click done to complete the process and save changes. Once this is done, you can use Bitmoji on iMessage like any other sticker pack.

BitMoji Appx

How to Use Bitmoji Slack

You can activate and use Bitmoji even in your virtual workplace. Just visit Bitmoji’s Slack website to add the app to your Slack. Then, type "/Bitmoji” in just about any conversation to log in and send your virtual avatar to your co-workers.

How to Use Bitmoji on Pretty Much Any App

Plenty of apps still don’t directly integrate Bitmoji as part of their text fields. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use it on these apps. Go to the Bitmoji app, click on the sticker you’d like to send and then Copy it. All that’s left is for you to paste it onto whichever app you’d like to send your Bitmoji on.

Is the Bitmoji App Safe? A Bitmoji Review

Like a lot of other trending apps, the Bitmoji app is very popular among kids and teens. Naturally, this raises a concern with parents who are not always sure if the apps their children use are safe. So, what about this one? Is Bitmoji safe?

Well, if you are parents you will be relieved to know that yes, Bitmoji is safe; the fun app receives APP Store Rating of +12, meaning it contains:

  • Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content and Nudity
  • Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humor
  • Infrequent/Mild Mature/Suggestive Themes

The app allows you, as well as your children, to create fun and funny images of yourselves, which can even be a great common activity. You can also create a variety of unique stickers that you can send to every person you want. The stickers and photos can be uploaded and sent to other people on social media apps, like iMessage, Facebook, Snapshot, and more.

BitMoji Android

However, you need to keep an eye on the app and other Bitmoji reviews as the app continues to develop. Several users have complained about inappropriate language used in some of the stickers, so make sure your kids don’t use these types of stickers.

The app also has access to Google, but the same goes for other similar apps, so it's nothing special for Bitmoji. So, bottom line – yes, Bitmoji is safe for tweens and teens. However, like with other photo and social apps, parents need to be aware of how the app is used; if you find out that your kids downloaded Bitmoji, tell them to use it from its original purpose – creating fun photos and stickers they can send to their friends. Even you the parents will love using the app, and you can create some very funny moments with Bitmoji.

Bitmoji Already!

Still, don't Bitmoji? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t. Using Bitmojis is a fun way to communicate with your peer circle. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you’re at a loss for words to use, you use an emoji. Upgrade! Now send a Bitmoji. It's much more interactive than an ugly emoji. You can design it to resemble you and play dress up with it as you please!


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