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How to Use Google Docs

by Perry H.

Google Docs, How to Use Google Docs

How to Use Google Docs

A bulk of various mundane tasks such as record keeping, calculations, analytics, documentation, and other applications traditionally required the user to buy and download separate software for each of these activities. The recent times have seen tremendous improvements in digital technologies that have allowed a lot of these services to be available online for free.

Everyone who uses a computer or a smartphone is always connected to the internet. With the rise of various technologies such as cloud computing and software as a service, a bulk of these routine activities such as making and modifying documents, conducting elementary data analysis and other routine processes can be done via online tools. One of the most commonly used software which is used widely by almost everyone is “office tools”. These are a package of software that allows people to create and modify various kinds of documents and media. Microsoft traditionally provides them as the “Microsoft Office”.

Google Docs

Some of the popular software from the office suite includes the Word, which allows users to create and modify various kinds of word-based documents in all kinds of formats. The Word software can be used to create manuscripts, research papers, newspaper pieces and a variety of other documents. One can save documents in multiple formats using the word file. Another popular application that is extremely useful is the Excel file. Excel is a simple looking but very powerful documentation that allows users to create and modify various kinds of spreadsheets, data records, transactional documents and all kinds of databases, dashboards, and reports. Excel possesses numerous powerful functions that make it an indispensable tool in most professional fields. Apart from these, there are multiple other tools such as Powerpoint for creating presentations and outlook for managing emails among others.

Advantages of using Google Docs

As mentioned above with the rise of services on the internet a lot of these features and applications are available for free online. By utilizing the powerful capabilities of cloud computing, Google Docs is an application that offers the office package free of cost and online. This allows users to use all the features from any remote location and create or modify their documents.  Google docs can be used by anyone owning a Gmail account and can also choose to save all of their documents on the secured Google cloud servers through Google Drive. Google Docs is compatible with all kinds of documents and formats such as word documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and web forms. Users can choose to save their documents in a wide range of formats such as .doc, .xls, docx, .odt, .xlsx, ppt, and others.

Google Slides

Google docs provides an excellent way of allowing small and developing businesses to save costs on IT requirements and outsource a bulk of their software requirements to cloud solutions. Since everything is stored on the cloud server, it allows users to update and modify data and information in real time and share it instantly with the concerned addresses. Any kinds of feedback or changes that are made are saved instantly and there will be no data loss during random crashes. Google Docs can be integrated with a wide range of applications such and tools such as CRM software, data analytics and dashboard, project management tools and marketing software and others. Since Google Docs is completely free and the quality of service of all of these applications is top-notch, this provides an easy way to gain very high ROIs with little to no cost and effort. Google also provides storage space on their cloud servers for free which makes it all the more useful.


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