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Google Maps Driving Directions: Learn how to Get Them!

by Garry S.

Google Maps, Google Maps Driving Directions
How to Get Driving Directions and More From Google Maps

Google Maps was released in 2005, and it has grown over the years along with technology and provides excellent directions and navigation services. It has over 1 billion active users today. It uses Satellite imagery, provides street views, navigation, and traffic conditions.

You can get driving directions as well as walking and public transport directions. You can find ratings and information about restaurants. Google maps go to the extent of helping you find the elevation you need to climb and route you need to pedal if you want to bike there.

Here are the steps to help you get directions from Google Maps:

1. Open the Google Maps App
First, open the app, then go to Google Maps and click on Search Google Maps, which is on the upper right corner. Type the name of the place you want to go to and then click on the blue directions symbol to get directions.
You can Set your default location, which is your starting point. It would most probably be your home or work location. Setting your default location can save you some time the next time you are driving because app automatically adds your default location to your starting location.

Google Maps

2. Added features while entering your destination
You will see a designated area where you can add your starting and ending destination after you generate the driving directions. Setting a default location is your starting point. However, if you want to start from somewhere else, you can erase it and type in a different position.

At this point, Google maps have a few other features, It allows you to set multiple locations. By clicking on the addition symbol, you can add various destinations. Google Maps also allows you to switch the destination and starting point by clicking on the double arrows. They change positions and give you directions in the opposite order.  If you do not know the exact address, Google Maps allows you to name the location, for example, a restaurant and then you can clarify whether the address is correct in the next step.

3. Selecting a mode of transport
Google Maps assumes that you want driving directions as a default. Other than that, you can get walking directions, public transport directions, or bicycle directions, by clicking the appropriate buttons available on the blue bar. Google Maps provides directions that include public transportation information, like the bus or train arrival time and the necessary transfers.
Google Maps Driving Directions

4. Selecting a route
You will find multiple route suggestions with time estimates. Google Maps allows you to compare your route to traffic conditions by clicking the Traffic button on the right and helps you pick a path.
You can drag a path anywhere if you want to reroute, and Google Maps updates the directions on the go. It helps you save a lot of time for example if you know a road that is under construction, or there’s a roadblock along the standard route.

5. Select Street View
You can check out Street View before you start your journey. By clicking on the preview image of your final destination, you can switch into Street View mode to get a look at what your route looks like.

6. Additional features
- You can use the Send option to send the link of your directions to someone by email to embed a map on a webpage or blog.
- You can print your directions by clicking on the menu button. You can click on the Print button which is in the upper left corner where you can click on the Print button.
- You can share your location for a specific amount of time over social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram Direct and so on.

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